Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Aries is as Aries Does! (Reuben)

ARIES: (Translation) Someone who meets life head-on, ramming their way through every aspect of their life, enjoying everything to the very very end. Someone who, without reason, switches gears, drives like a maniac just for shock value, and who, because he can, climbs up onto the roof at the age of 2, wrestles with danger, and usually ends up thrilling, and scaring the living hell out of everyone who loves them. THAT is a proper description of my son. Look how cute he was at 6 days and even at 6 years, he had that smile...look! He had that smile back then!!

Jeanie and I went to the Oklahoma City Zoo and we took this picture of the Elk playing with a large branch. At first we thought he was entangled, but as he maneuvered his way with it, around it, under and over it, we realized he was playing with something he could easily control. You have to think of this in perspective to what I have witnessed for many many years. My son Reuben (You may know him as Baby Boy) will (still) play like the Elk, in front of God and everyone, in the backyard - with toys. He has a certain area that he plays in at my parents farm. It can't be mowed down, he'll call from Alaska to be sure that Pop leaves his field of glory the way it was meant to be; overgrown and full of weeds. Pop indulges the boy.

He'll get out there with air weapons and just play. He's the ultimate fighter, he's the hero, he always saves the day. This is a man almost 22 years of age, and when I say he doesn't care if anyone watches, I mean, he doesn't give a rat's butt. He's out there for hours yelling, playing, laughing, digging in, climbing rocks, over ledges, under hedges, he's the quintessential warrior. It's always been that way. Before the Army the boy played football hero. He entertained neighbors for years! I'm sure there were time that people wanted to jump the fence to play with him, and you know what...he would have let them!

When you walked out into the yard you became his prey! You were NOW involved. You didn't leave until you were captured, tortured for information, forced to make a winning play, or escorted to the hull of a massive ship, but you were in his control. This was my son then, and this is my son now. I am told that when he goes to pick up his tank/Stryker on base that he can be heard talking to himself as he walks the 2 miles to where they are kept. He's pretending. He's plotting, he's about to become the lead character in the play that will involve real machinery...I knew there was an ulterior motive for this man to have joined the Army! He's in fantasy 24/7 at this game....he's IN IT. It's better than owning a Wii, he's the player and the subject, it is Second Life in real time!

Knowing what I knew about Reuben I had no inclination to jump the fence to assist the poor Elk who from the point of view of most tourists was in real straits....it only took a few minutes staring at him huffing, puffing, foot stomping, and listening to him blowing out his nostrils air of frustration so loudly he intentionally called an audience to his fence....he's pulling a Reuben! Every last Aries is exactly the same.....show offs. I wasn't about to help him, I just blew the animal a kiss and told him to kill the damn branch, get it, get it, YOU WON! YES!

Within a few minutes the massive mammal released his victim branch and smiled at everyone who had fallen for his antics...he knew. They all know.

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