Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Ravenclaw Among Griffendors

For the longest time I thought Caity was with me in the House of Ravenclaw, but after thinking about it, she's just another Griffendor. Truth be told, she is one of the smarter LIONS out there, but she is still one of THEM. LOL

My own parents would fall into the House of Hufflepuff; mom with her painting, green thumbness, and desire to make everyone happy -- and dad, who I think had too much compassion to fish, would have spent another four years on that ship in Korea rather than being asked or required to shoot someone for any reason. Don't get me wrong, when backed into a corner the man would fight like hell, but since Pop is more or less known for walking and talking in circles, that just doesn't happen very often at all.

What did we do before J.K. Rowlings put us all in Houses? I'm amazed really, because she nailed it. There are 4 types of people out there -- me, I'm a Ravenclaw. What I'm doing in a house full of egomaniac, strong-spirited, combative, sporty types, I have no idea. Those of us who are more intellectual, more apt to run than fight, more apt to write about it -- we get it. There isn't a one of us that would FIRST pick up the knife to fight; there simply has to be a sensible way to negotiate peace, right? Well, that's me...I'm a peacemaking, peace-loving, peace-hoping, peace-wanting, peace-finding person, WHO happens to live among a bunch of fist-clinching, grab-a-weapon-now people, who stand on couches with remotes in their hands screaming at each other as they blast their opponents to hell with their thumbs!

Ravenclaw! RAVENCLAW!!! (Where are my headphones?)

If I had to think about it further, and I do, Laura was born a Hufflepuff, perhaps even raised as one, but after a while even she became a warrior type princess. She much more prefers to fight, kick, kill, and die for the cause, over and over again on her anime games and sites. I think she has 15 avatars....shamefully I admit, I don't have an avatar. I'm secretly afraid to make one. I think it will come to life and start running my life somehow. What if it doesn't think like me, but wants to take over the world or something? Can we really control an avatar once it's out there? Reuben - - oh my son Reuben....GRIFFENDOR....conceived, born, raised, will certainly die a full fledged 100% warrior-soldier - - no doubt. I think he was whispering battle cadences inside of me. Pretty sure of it. No chance he'll change houses EVER. Even Brandon, Caity's boyfriend, my new son, he's a freaking Griffendor! He's more of a follower, but he has great ideas, bright happy attitude, and he's there, a good friend always in the corner, just waiting for his chance to shine, and he does. He's perfect for my little girl.

FINE! Good thing we Ravenclaws have least I can fly up to the corner of the ceiling and think about pooping on them when it gets crazy. LOL I will survive. I am the MOM.....hahaha..I WIN. One point Ravenclaw!!

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