Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Beginnings for 2011

Can't believe it's been this long since I last wrote. I'm going to have to change the name of the blog to "Whenever Jude Gets Around to Writing it Blog!" Wow. Thanks for your patience.

Since the last post I've been with family for the holidays. My son Reuben came up to Indiana, where we are living now, and he had himself a heck of a time. We were concerned whether or not we would be able to show him a good time because a client of mine didn't get around to paying me, and it set me back -- not like Bernie Cornfeld, the Overseas Investments guy was set back in the 70's when he lost over $30,000,000 or even like Bernie Madoff has been set back -- but still not being paid the $5000 owed to me meant a number of things couldn't happen. Things like rent! LOL

Well, God is big right? He's GIGANTIC infact, and Reuben came up this way expecting to be happy and he was. He had a lot to think about when he got back to Oklahoma. Eventually he's thinking of moving here and opening up a fitness center. He's planning on finishing at least one more year of college in Oklahoma, then completing his studies at IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis) There's a reason they use initials...wow...that's a long name. If they had class rings and had to put that on the top it would weigh too much on a person's finger, possibly causing an accident.

Since we last spoke and/or you read what was happening in my life, I have met a great man named Derek Britt. Now, now, don't be thinking that I'm thinking that -- nope, his body, and his heart are taken! But I can still use his mind and connections. Derek is going to become my new production partner. He's going to write the children's books for me about Faith's life. His beautiful girlfriend Silvia is going to illustrate them. Derek is going to lead the production on the film about Faith, take my memoir to the right publishers, and just be the hero I need! (Put that in a bottle and you don't need gunpowder!)

Laura and Caity are getting to the point of realizing that an education could do them some good. When the Fall semester rolls around all three children should be attending some college somewhere. Caity is having a baby in May or late April, so she may decide to go online. Laura will no doubt put in a few classes at the local junior college and then transfer over to IUPUI as well. She and Caity are interested in Business, but I know Laura will attack the animal world of science as well. Caity may pick up a class on pottery, she's really very (amazingly) good at it. Caity use to do my homework for me in 1998 when I went to Oklahoma City Community College and she was only 8. She's good.

Animals are fine, friends are good. I'll write more tomorrow so you'll be able to feel like you're reading an almost daily blog - - something about that just makes me feel great. I'm writing again. I'm talking and I'm walking, and I'm working...now, someone please...pay me!!

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sHi Jude,first off, I'm a dog lover,animal lover. I just learned about Faith from the Oprah Show and I have to tell you, this is the most awesome story of overcoming adversity I have ever come across. I literally wept as I learned the story of your dog and I would like to also point out that you and your son are incredible for giving this dog a shot at life and from what I've seen and read, a good one. God bless you both.Could I have your permission to take an image of Faith from your website and put on my blog www.cleanapane.blogspot.com Please let me know. Thank you.