Friday, January 14, 2011

Pardon Me If I Don't FEEL Old

So, it's what, a little after 1:00 in the morning, and I'm still cranking the volume up a bit louder than my mom says is healthy for my ears. I take in consideration that I probably lost most of my youth-hearing in the 80's during the more than 300 concerts I went to. I worked for Concerts West, it was my JOB to go...I showed up early, I stayed late. I enjoyed my job. What can I say?

Tonight, well it's Friday. I'm dancing and dancing, and just really moving, not doing too much. I mean, I don't wear the big-hair wigs anymore and sing out loud into the curling iron, those days are gone. I say they're gone, my daughter hid my curling iron; says it's not good for my OLD hair. HA! I laugh at her 21-ness. She can have the gorgeous locks, I don't care. I'm dancing, right? That's right. I'm dancing. YES, it is true, I have a Mueller knee brace supporting my right knee cap, but only because I don't want it buckling on me in the middle of a great Van Halen song, and stopping me from jumping off the bed and...oh, OK, that was a lie. I do manage to keep my feet on the floor most of the time now, but I can dream!

I got my new little 16gb iPod the other day and filled it up with 4000 songs -- I didn't know I have that many, but YES I did. The good news is I like the sound the needle makes on the vinyl as it scratches, so I played "Going Down for the Last Time" by Head East on the turntable, recorded it, then converted it to an Mp3 and now I can hear it the way they intended you to hear it -- SCRATCHY! ROTFLMAO...can I say that in a blog? Sure I can, I'm dancing! LOL

If the kids come into my room and catch me, then hell they catch me. They'd also better be prepared to join me, because even though they can't hear .38 Special riffing guitars and blasting out their Southern Comfort, they can at least interpret what they see me doing as being lots of fun, joyful, and it's motivating. Laura was hilarious, I walked by her earlier this evening while she was on her webcam explaining my actions to her boring dork nerd friends on an anime 2nd life game -- and she thinks I'm crazy! They stared at mouthed, just sat there in their chairs eating potato chips and stale pizza rolls....I'm dancing!!! "Put on a little Dylan" HOOTIE!!! HOOTIE!!! That's right, I'm not feeling that old tonight. I just feel like dragging the yellow dog out from under the bed and making her do a two-step. Ever see a yellow armless dog dance? Well, she's awesome at it, she doesn't care if I look and act like a fool -- she's into me! She loves me! I'm her best friend.

Hey, what's that? Can't hear you! Can't HEAR YOU...sorry, nope, not now either, sorry, something about going to bed? I don't think so! No now, I'm hungry! LOL What I really think is awesome about my kids thinking I'm too old to stay up late and kicking back with my Credence, Bread, Bee Gees, Billy Joel, and Journey -- the best part, is they don't know what I know about these bands. They weren't there! They WERE NOT THERE -- I was, and this isn't a dance-fest, it's a TIME MACHINE! (I'm 17)

Be blessed!!

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