Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday's Child

What about the Woe-factor? I think about it and I believe it goes back to what we're told. I told myself I was born on a Wednesday, and according to the poem I must be full of woe. Therefore, I eventually became full of woe, or had my fair share of them. Is it real or is it conjured? I'm not sure, but it was there!

The poem is a little tattered, but it goes like this:

Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go
Friday's child works hard for a living
Saturday's child does all the giving
Sunday's child is blessed of these, this child sees the best in threes

So, according to the poem Caity and I are doomed. Reuben gives everything away, and Laura gets all that she wants in triplicate. How unfair would that be? LOL

I think the world is everyones marble and if we choose to play we will be both hurt and blessed. We will learn, we will dance, we will laugh, we will cry, we will participate in just about every event and we will be that much stronger because of it. If we choose not to play we may feel or believe we are safer than most, but in reality, the man in the cave is the one that truly suffers. Plato's prose on the people in the cave was straight forward - - read it sometime, but suffice it to say that people who have ventured out from their safety zone and seen the unforgiving, harsh, and true illumination of life (the light) have a much more difficult time returning to the darkness or even the safety of a cave that holds no adventure.

Full of woe? No. I'm going to choose to say full of experience. Full of life. Full of do-it. Full of being! This awakening is nothing short of miraculous if you have it in you to reflect both honestly and with a big enough light to see all the ugly cob-webbed corners of your life. Giving up any thing, and anything that is negative in order to break out of the pattern of a spinning downward spiral is not only necessary it is essential for upward movement - - growth.

One of the things I decided, and yes, I MEAN decided to do in 2010 is to choose to smile. CHOOSE to be happy. CHOOSE to reroute my thinking. CHOOSE to think before I ask, and CHOOSE to ask with more heart and more insight rather than just asking for the sake of asking. An example would be: a person you know puts their hand through a drywall and comes to you bleeding. You don't have to ask "What did you do?" You know that they did. A better question, a more production question would be "How can I help you?" followed by "You must be really upset about something to do something this drastic." The words, though hard to spit out in a moment of confusion for your friend, are the CHOICE that you make to communicate. Think first.

Thinking, giving thought, making an image in your mind really does set the wheels of creation into motion for your moment. You only have the moment. You are not guaranteed the next, and the last moment - - is gone. Plan, yes, by all means make plans, but do so with deliberate thought.

Wednesdays - - great days!

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