Thursday, January 7, 2010

54 Degrees and Falling - - INSIDE

That's right, I woke up to a house that was 54 degrees Fahrenheit! OMG - - I realize it's freaking cold outside; (about 20) that's why I let the pipes stay open a bit. It didn't matter that I did, the water in those pipes froze anyway and now as of 9:00 p.m. we have no heat and we have no water. The heating issue is being taken care of; there's a man in my attic now looking at the LACK of insulation. I wondered why my electricity bill was out of world, and now I know. The VERY good news is that I'll be able to negotiate with my landlord over the issue. The VERY bad news is that I don't know that the man in my attic will be able to do anything tonight. Oh well, we have six dogs...3.5 if you add them all up into one big ball of dog and sleep with them. King helps out, he's an even 100 pounds, but Teagan, who is on the other side of the weight issue, only tops the scales at 8.7 pounds. She's virtually worthless and has thin short hair -- she's got to go! LOL

The water became a problem early on as one would imagine. It didn't matter, I said to myself this is a good day and I'm going to be happy anyway! I stuck to it, and I'm happy. I'm waterless, and I'm wearing 3 sweaters and 4 pairs of socks; 3 on my feet and one on my hands, but I'm happy!! If my fingers miss the keys while I'm typing this you'll understand. Thank God for spell check. (Or as it looked before I used spell check: thkgiuyl sgo forh dusghte cke.)

The man in my attic tells me that the people who bought the house should have put insulation up in the attic before renting it. He's right. After all, we need insulation for the air conditioning too. My electric bills have been higher than they should have been all along - - negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. That's my middle name tomorrow!

I went to the gym to take a shower today and to use the facilities for other purposes. I also found myself looking at the inside of the bathroom stalls at Lowes and Starbucks. I hope the exterior heat (God's work) becomes a bit warmer soon so that I'm not standing in line both at the bathroom and to buy coffee...I'm not sure which I would actually find more important. That's really sad when you think about it. I bought an AC filter at Lowes today - - figured that may have had something to do with the air not coming through the house - - it didn't, but still I needed a new filter. I like it when I learn new things so buying the filter was great. I found out that 24x24x1 inch filters are uncommon, they're more expensive, and come in 2 brands where as the longer filters can be purchased anywhere for less but hey MY filter can be put in from either side! It's square! Somehow that made me feel good. I don't know why.

My daughter was so amazingly cute when she said "Oh hey, I bet if we wanted to we could make one of these." I don't really know what we would start with, or how we could fold it, wire it up, border it with the right size of cardboard, or even make it fit, but it was a great idea for a summertime project maybe. I say summertime because I'll be living in Chicago by then and can call her to see how she's coming along with that process. She really is cute sometimes.

I just heard the man in the attic - - sounded as if he was about to fall through the living room. The thought occured to me that he's probably frozen. I could probably offer him something to drink - - but that would mean driving to Starbucks again. Oh well, this is a great day and I'm going to smile about it. WHY? The man in the attic is actually rather cute! My imagination is simply popping at this point! LOL

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