Friday, January 8, 2010

Brody Needs a Home

LOOK AT HIM!! We named him Sir Henry Wallace Broderick, but we call him Brody. Brody came to our family about 3 months ago as a rescue from an irresponsible breeder. He's a full blooded Jack Russell Terrier, but we believe he may have been somewhat inbred. He does not respond or react as rambunctious as a typical JRT. He's so very kind, so very gentle, and rarely chews on anything! That's just not typical for a JRT, but it is GREAT news for anyone wanting to adopt him.

Brody came from a litter of 8 and was the biggest of the bunch. His sister Teagan (the yellow and white dog) is 8.5 pounds to Brody's 12. There were NO other dogs in the home or yard, so we have to assume he is from the same father and mother dog that were used over and over again to breed.

Brody was given to a young girl in this part of Oklahoma but she didn't get permission from her parents to keep him. She left him with me to foster and to find a good home. We've been feeding him Precise dog food and have gotten him 2 of the 3 shots he needs for rabies and parvo. He could also use a neutering. He's right at 6 months old now, and completely healthy and happy. He plays, runs, jumps, loves, and just steals your heart. He hasn't learned to go outside 100% yet, but he's working hard at it. He sleeps with you, and he is a definite lap dog. His coat is thick and the markings, as you can see, are amazing.

Brody has been raised with other dogs and cats. He has been roughed up by kids, and loves to play! He has never bitten or snarled, and he's staring at me right now because he knows I'm talking about him. He's pretty smart.

We have an interview process, and you would be responsible to come get him or pay for his journey to you if you were outside of Southern Oklahoma. We're willing to find him the best home possible, and hope that could be YOU. Please write to me at: or call my cell at 405 251-0210 if you're interested in giving Brody a forever home.


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Arhonda Bend said...

Loving your blog!

Brody is so cute! I'm sure you won't have a problem getting a loving home for him.

Glad your son made it home in time. I can't believe the licensing laws over there. It isn't that complicated here, thankfully. I don't think I'd ever keep up if it was! Lovi