Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scorpio, Oh Scorpio - - Sting Lightly Tonight

I found this little tidbit on the internet about what a man should know if he's thinking of dating a Scorpio woman. There are many of these pieces of information out there, one doesn't have to seek hard or look very long to find them. Please, pay attention - - Scorpios are not Leos, we are not haughty, we are what we are -- intense. We are not boastful, we are what we are - - correct. We are not always beautiful to look at, but why is that you find yourself unable to look away? Because a Scorpio woman may not allow you to...we are what we are: in control. I don't know the author of this piece, but it was nice. Please enjoy.

"The first step you have to take with the Scorpio woman is to resist her look intensely fixed on the "pray". You can even blink at her with complicity and let her understand you "have walked into her trap". She will go round and hunt you slowly, like any other "poisonous" animal that knows you only have a few more days to live after the direct contact. She will chase you with so much passion and perseverance that once set free, you will miss the vigour of life."

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