Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grow King Grow

LOOK at the difference that just 4 weeks made in the growth of this puppy! I wanted to do thsi so that you could see it - - I knew it would be a big difference and I just find it amazing to see it in photographs. I tried to get them to sit up straight, and believe me, that's not the easiest thing to do. I don't know that I will continue to take photos of these two sitting side by side, sometimes it's easier to get their pictures when they're standing or wrestling each other. I have to tell you - - Rupert was really a very smart little Dachshund to establish his place as Beta dog before this one came along. Matrix of course is Alpha. (Faith is the Queen)

Some of the more really interesting things that King is doing now that he wasn't able to do 4 weeks ago is to demand things. When he first came home he was quiet and let the world roll on by him - - he was basically observant, he was obedient to the forces around him and he was certainly willing to take all the abuse and instruction put upon him by both Rupert and Matrix - - I don't think Faith paid all that much attention to King except when he walked a little too close to her food, or tried a little too hard to chew one of her rawhides. She can be the Diva when called upon and even today - 4 weeks later, King is infatuiated with Faith. He follows her around like...well, like a puppy! He walks around her, bounds around her, and he barks to let her know he wants her attention -- sometimes she gives it to him, but most of the time she just ignores him. I think it's her way of establishing her regalness. LOL

King demands to be put up onto the beds now. In a week or so he'll simply step up from the ground and he'll be on top - - today he'll lean himself over and bark at me early in the morning. King sleeps with Caity all night, but when she lets him out to pee pee he will always come to my room and demand to be loved on before he returns to her. I can't remember the last time I slept all night, but that's not King's fault - - that's Reuben's fault, Laura's fault, (rarely Caity's fault after Midnight) and it's the train's fault - - here in Gainesville we have a train that rolls through town 2 times each night betwee 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. Infact, when it doesn't come through I wake up because it didn't come through. I start wondering if everyone and everything is OK - - should I call someone? The train didn't come tonight!

King will probably be over 150 pounds when he's finished growing and I'm more than sure he'll be one of those sloppy, slobber-throwing St. Bernard mixes - - he's practicing now. He's got all the grace of a new giraffe on ice. I love the fact that King's eyes are bright and brilliant blue - - he seems to be uniquely sweet and those eyes make him uniquely distinctive too. I don't usually tell my kids they can bring large breed dogs home - - I'm usually the one stressing the smaller types - - i.e. the Dachshunds in my life, and the Chihuahuas we fostered for years, but Caity has always wanted a St. Bernard. This one is a good one. We have great plans for him. He will not only be trained to be in movies, you may have suspected since I'm a producer, but he will also be trained as a military therapy dog. I hope he helps thousands of recovering soldiers to find their strength and courage to train and continue their rehab...King will be a KING.

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