Thursday, March 12, 2009

I AM SOOO Proud of my Baby Caity!!! YES!

OK, OK, I had to throw in this particular picture because she's hugging on a great looking man. His name is Denton Blane Everett. He's the lead in a few movies including our new film "FAITH", and another Timber Creek Production, "Rockabilly Baby". I'm not proud of Caity for hugging on Denton - - well, yeah OK I am, but that's not why I am sooooooo proud of her! She did an awesome fantastic thing today.

About a year ago Faith and I were suppose to be in Columbus, OH to do a show but there was an Act of God (weather) that prohibited it. We couldn't reschedule and it was very very frustrating because of the disappointment for the kids at Northridge Elementary. Kids don't know about the weather, delays, TSA refusing to board you, all of that means nothing - - they just know that the two-legged dog didn't get to come to their school! Well, today that changes!!

We were able to get a flight for Faith but I couldn't go. I was under a contract to do something else, but Caity volunteered to do it. She didn't exactly know what she was getting herself into, but she wanted to step up and make it happen for these kids! She was allowed by American Airlines to take my place and she went. Now, getting there was NO EASY THING. We had storms last night and rain today that could have stopped the flights. We live an hour away from the airport and there was unexpected traffic delays, and a toll booth that she didn't know she was going to be coming to and she barely had the correct change. She said they didn't take dollar bills, it had to be loose change - they didn't even have the coin changer that we have in Oklahoma City! She found it, probably made someone behind her a bit angry as she searched through the seats, but she found it!

Next she had to get back onto the right highway after the traffic detour and find her way back to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport from the Grapevine (Southwest) side rather than from the West side where she was coming from. She did that. Then she had to find a parking spot - - and wow that was crazy. She pulled into the valet parking but no one was there! She couldn't wait or she'd be late. She drove around looking for someone to give my car to - - scary stuff. She got the ticket for the car, put her backpack on and took the dog (wearing her E5 U.S.Army ACU) into the airport. She called me to tell me there was a huge line. She wouldn't make it to the gate in time. I explained she was riding First Class. This is only one of the reasons we fly First Class. It's not that we think we're better than anyone, believe me, we fly economy when we have time. When we don't have time, and we know we're going to be pushed to get to the gate before take off - - we need that extra security. That and Faith loves the omelets in the morning.

So, Caity got through the terminal, through the ticket, through the security, and is now at the gate. She called to say kids as young as 2nd graders are using Twitter, and they want to follow Faith on Twitter. I guess I can start one for her. She text to say that she's just met an A-listed actor from Chicago on his way to NYC. She's teasing me of course, but it would not surprise me - - Caity's so cute the world is drawn to her. Now she's off to the USO to the soldiers before the flight takes off. She'll be in Columbus, OH at 1:00, do the show at 2:30, come back at 6:00 p.m. and be home in time for her 9:00 bragging session with her sister Laura! I know she'll do the best job ever. She's never been on an adventure with Faith by herself. She's got TV to do today, radio spots. It's her turn to have a little's work too, as she just found out, but the rewards are so wonderful - - 400 faces all giggling and laughing when she tells them how Faith is changing the world!

She just told a soldier that didn't want to pet Faith that she outranked him and that he'd better pet the dog or be reported. He pet Faith and laughed about it. Faith didn't care - - she probably wouldn't turn him in! LOL

Thank you Caity!! I'm very proud of you!

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