Saturday, March 22, 2008

People Don't Cook Much Anymore

I love to cook. I bake, I use all sorts of really cool utensils; I even create new recipes just for the fun of it but I'm the ONLY person I know my age that does this. I guess I see people like Rachel Ray on television or in the magazines. I know there are a few of us left, but it just amazes me how people get so excited when they come over and I'm pulling a custard out of the oven! (One I made, not one I took out of a box).

Today was my son's birthday and since he couldn't be with me because he was in Alaska doing the Army thing, I decided to bake him a custard pie and then I decided to eat it for him too. I had to do something didn't I? Baking a cake was out of the question, one of my round pans has been stolen and I don't want to bake one set it aside, bake the other, let it cool, and then stack them and frost them. Besides, no one wanted cake today. (You know, I could go out and get another 9" pan couldn't I? Note to self: Get a pan soon.)

Jeanie knows me, she sees me cooking all the time. Every Saturday during football season I either make chili, burgers, ribs, something - and I throw dips together, make up spicy food samplers for her and I as we watch the game. I'm not one to sit around the house and let a good stove go to waste. No, I'm IN that kitchen. When I go look at houses on the market for fun I go to the kitchen and the bathrooms first. I'm living in those two rooms. I'm IN the kitchen, and then I'm IN the's got to have a big, deep, jet tub or forgetaboutit! Me and my bubbles, we're all about the hot water and leaving us alone.

Back to the custard. I have the back door open because it was warm enough, and the neighbors started showing up. "Cooking? Are you making something?" Of course I'm cooking! (and of course I'm sharing) I don't ever eat the entire pie by myself you know..that would be wrong. I share everything I make and it may as well go to the people standing outside my door smelling the inside of my house from the back gate. I live in a condo/townhouse so the neighbors aren't that far away actually. We have killer block parties in the spring and summer too.

So, let the stoves fire up my friends...Spring is here! Today custard in celebration of my baby boy. Tomorrow cinnamon pineapple baked-ham, yams, chickpea soup, and chocolate parfait....with walnuts. I do walnuts from time to time too. Put a little fiber in that cup missy! I don't know why more people don't cook for themselves, it's cheaper for sure, but the best thing is that you control the content of whatever goes into your body...fats, trans fats, calories, oils, everything...tomorrow is Easter, we're off the diet by 45%, but we're smiling! (sharing and smiling) Eggs are on the agenda too, but mostly hunting with the kids in the hood.

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