Thursday, March 20, 2008

Neoprene Woman!

I got this really cool bike, and I'm working out on it every single day, which can be a problem for me - - because I always over do things. This week I decided that working out wasn't quite enough. No, I had to have neoprene. Yes neoprene, as in wetsuit material - it comes in separates as well as casual wear for the surf. I have the pants but I bought the wrong size so I wear them over my work out pants and where it may actually NOT be the fashion statement I would prefer, it works great because all the sweat that may have been on my body now goes to the pants. I was just wearing them over a pair of men's boxer briefs, but the briefs weren't long guys ever notice that or is it just me? Men don't probably worry about that. You can't actually get boxers long enough to come to the knee can you?

So, neoprene also comes in handy-dandy zip up waist bands, it comes in Velcro waist trimmers, and if you're into the walking vest you can get it unweighted or weighted. I went with the zipper. It has 3 levels and I'm proud to say I'm actually (currently) in the middle, using the 2nd zipper with a very open minded goal set for the third. There isn't a size such as small, medium, or large. The box proclaims that any size waist can squeeze into one of the limitations set forth in double stitching. I'm OK for now. I'm not too tight, I'm not too loose in the 2nd rung..but the day will come I'm sure when that tighter fit will be on my mind!

With ankle weights, wristbands, and neoprene covered dumbbells I am so set, I am so ready to start my two-a-day workouts on my little bike. I do a morning ride of 30 minutes and an afternoon ride for the same. I'm sure I look like a boxer in training with my weights being tightly pumped by my sides; sometimes I raise them like I'm taking a victory lap or something on the mountains of ... wherever it is they ride bikes for miles and miles wearing bright yellow. I see it, I don't pay much attention. I'm much more of a contact sports watcher. Not that cycling can't become a full contact sport, but it's not suppose to happen that way.

I'm all plugged up with my iPod blaring loud live concert music in my ears - never mamsy-pamsy new age crap...that stuff is reserved for the wine time when I wind down after CSI-NY (or something similar) and write in my journal. I don't do sissy music when I ride - just when I write! I know my place. You can't exactly sweat to 3rd Force! You can't go at break-neck speed and scare the dogs to death while you're listening to George Benson! Hell no! Skynard, .38 Special, Journey, Boston, Foreigner, Creed, Credence Clearwater, OH OH yes, Nickelback! You have to crank those guys. I can even put up with a little Styx, but never jazz - - not on the bike. (I did actually smack my dog's head with my foot today while I was riding. I think he thought he could save me from the beast that was torturing me...I was screaming, or singing, depending on who you ask - and he just thought I needed assistance. He won't do that again.) Sent the Dachshund on a flight half way across the room - ouch.

With the calculations I have come up with; keeping in mind that my degrees are related to languages and romantic poets, I should be losing about 1 pound per week just by riding the bike. Another pound will be lost by eating the fiber that I eat, and perhaps 1/2 a pound to a full pound will be lost in the fact that I don't eat more than 1800 calories a day unless I burn more than 1000 on the bike. Then you have to eat-back as they call it, and I do...but I choose chocolate as a buy-back product. It has fiber.

In 10 weeks I should be glorious. In 15 I should be simply unstoppable. Can't wait really - got my eyes on a jewel I do. Let's see if he can wiggle his way out of my stare. Could be fun to watch. I promise not to bite - much.

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