Monday, March 17, 2008

Dreams Can Really Be Strange At Times

Last night I dreamed that my daughter Laura and were in a store and she was playing with the bowls of water that you could add colors to and put under light to see the little sea creatures that floated around in the water. We used to call them SeaMonkies, but I'm not sure what they were in my dream. She was having fun, but she was only using the color yellow. She added a tiny bit of red to one of the several bowls she was playing with and it shaded the bottom of the bowl but didn't go up or become displaced in the bowl - sort of like a tequila sunrise.

Laura asked me what I thought, and I told her it was pretty, but asked about the choice of color. The lady at the counter interrupted and showed us what would happen if we added dark or indigo blue (she put two tablespoons of it into a separate bowl that was behind another counter.) Suddenly the water began to boil. I was a little concerned for the little floating guys because there were in essence being boiled alive. The counter woman told me not to worry it was part of the process.

After several minutes of boiling, the water descended and out of the bottom of the bowl/tray came forth several black stony looking creatures more recognizable. Some were turtles, some bugs, and others just rocks moving around, but they were alive. As soon as I looked back they were replaced with several black and dark gray puppies. Puppies came out of the turtles and bugs...OK...that makes sense I guess.

I asked to play with the little black and white dachshund but another woman had taken it before I could get around to the other side of the counter. It didn't matter, I didn't have to have a dachshund to hold so I reached into the box, no longer a bowl/tray, and lifted up a little curly gray and white English Sheepdog mix. He was obviously a toy or stuffed animal, but he moved like a real dog. He even bit like one. I was really impressed.

As I looked over my shoulder Laura asked me who the man was that I was holding. I looked at my arms and I was actually holding a little 8-10 inch man with the strength of a newborn baby. He was like a little gnome more than a traditional man I suppose, he had eyelashes that were thick and blinking at me. He wore a little beard, but his tiny head was unable to be held up on its own. He was just a little thing, and I couldn't figure out where he came from. He was smiling and I could tell he was friendly - when I set him down he actually walked away, quite strong, but I wasn't going to let him leave without showing him first to the lady behind the counter. She acted as if she had no idea where he came from or what to do with him. She asked me about the puppy - and I tried to explain, but the little man wanted down again, and I simply asked him if he would be OK. He assured me yes, he would be, and he left.

Laura picked up her blanket and we went to the next store. I hope the little guy's fine. I haven't seen him around today. Laura's baby blanket has been washed, dried, folded, and stored for years, but she did sleep with it last night. Maybe that started all of this.

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