Friday, January 20, 2017


I am not the least bit ashamed to admit that a year ago, in January 2016, I was not sure I wanted Donald Trump to be "my president". In fact, I remember laughing at the fact that he was being serious when he said he would run. I think I was narrow-minded and perhaps thinking too much in the box when I conjured my first impressions of him. It wasn't his hair that did it, but that is a rather strange piece of mop-top (if we had to be honest) now, isn't it? I think what I was thinking at that time, or what I remember thinking, is that he won't make it past the General election, so there's no reason to worry about him.  I didn't vote for him in the General, and I was really surprised he won! I was elated to find out this past November that he won the Big Prize, because I don't know if my heart could take it if Hillary Rodham Clinton had won. She is such a waste of space! In my opinion, and probably that of millions of others, she's a murdering bitch piece of shit that don't need to be breathing right now, but that's being polite. If I really wanted to verbalize my opinions about her, I wouldn't hold back.

Trump? Really? Well, OK, let's talk about it. From the day I first heard his name, sometime in the 90's, I thought he was the guy that killed the Canadian Football. He was the guy that outbid every contractor in NYC and he was the guy that started a ridiculous reality show that set people up to be humiliated on air. I watched the show 2 times and said to myself "No, he's rude, he's arrogant, and we can't all be rich and semi-famous for being rich and semi-famous."  I wasn't impressed.  As time went by, and through this past year, I've become impressed.  I've become more than impressed, I've become convinced that he may be the one guy on the planet that can actually do what needs to be done if he can stay alive, and not be shot for his work, words, and deeds.  There are so many whack jobs out there trying to make a name for themselves, or trying to push their New World Order agenda, that his life may be in constant jeopardy. We'll have to add a few extra prayers for him now and then.

When the debates came, and he wouldn't (or couldn't) stop harassing Hillary, I was amused. I'm not going to lie. I was Twittering "Bitch stop lying!" and worse. I was screaming at the television and hoping he'd bring up the leaked emails. I was hoping he'd dominate and bust her chops more, but he was a gentlemen and held back most of his disdain for the former First Lady.   Sadly, the only time the word "Lady" is every associated with Hillary is when the word "First" is tagged with it. She's no lady. She's a witch, and a practicing one at that. Well, no worries...from what I understand, Pence and Trump are both born again, they can pray a hedge around themselves and the wrath of her kind can't touch them unless and until God wants that to happen as part of His plan.  Obama was most assuredly in God's plan. God used him to divide this nation, to bring about prophecy, and fulfill His promises. Just days before Trump stepped up and took office the Satan-lovers in the Obama camp wrecked havoc as they saw fit, but God protected Israel -- and He will always protect Israel.

The ONE thing that got my vote for Trump in the Primary was his stand on Israel.  Ben Carson was a good choice too, as was Huckabee. There were a few good people to choose from. I knew I didn't want another Bush. I didn't want Cruz, and I didn't want Rubio. Cruz is a great guy, but he's Canadian born, and I just have an issue with that....since our LAST president was Kenyan born, I have a real issue with it.  The stand Trump took for Israel was the clincher. I wanted to believe him. I watched, and I listened, and I cried when I heard that he stood up during this past week's Peace Conference (not at it, but during it) and he said he would do everything in his power to stop the 70 nations from coming against Israel, he wouldn't honor their forcing of a two-state solution, and he wouldn't back the UN in the future. LOVED that...that was that. He will be a good friend to Israel, and possibly spare America from REAL punishment from God. Trump, like me, takes God at His word when He stated in Genesis that He would bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse her.

Mike Pence is from Indiana. I spent 4 good years there. I loved that place. I loved that man when he was our governor. He and the man he replaced, both fantastic!  Trump and Pence make an amazing team, and I have to be honest with you, I was short sighted then, but looking toward the brightest future we've seen since Reagan, and I have to add, it may even be better.  We're going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Go Trump.

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