Saturday, April 10, 2010

Open Invitation To Take a Bath With Me.

If you're a dog and you live in my house it is apparently an open invitation to jump right on into the bath while I'm my most vulnerable. I know why I usually leave the doors closed now. With the kids away I thought I would leave the bathroom door open so I could hear the music from the living room drifting its way into my dimly lit bathroom...I was wrong.

First Teagan (a little yellow and white Jack Russell) decided she needed to drink the water -- it was hot and bubbly, but she didn't care. Her attention to the water caught King's attention - - he didn't hesitate or even leave skid marks, he just plopped right into the tub with me. Teagan followed.

King is a mix-breed St. Bernard/Dane and to be honest with you he's a bit clumsy too. Having him push and turn around in the water while I was trying to sit up to assist him was certainly worth a YouTube but there are some things just best left to the imagination. King really (and I mean really) wanted to take a bath.

I decided that since Teagan was so small she could be bathed faster and the sooner I got one of the dogs out of the bath tub the better -- that was my thought. As soon as I did manage to get Teagan out another dog made his way through the door. It was Yuki. He hadn't been in the room before - - unless he was being given a bath, so he was quite sure of what to do. He just leaned over the edge and joined us. Teagan proceeded to get away from me and then dry herself off on the sofas and when that wasn't sufficient she took off for my room to crawl and twist around on the comforter.

King sat down and kissed me squarely on the face. He wasn't in any hurry. It was almost as if he was saying "Go ahead, bathe Yuki, I can wait." So I scrubbed on the little Chihuahua-Dox for a while, found a towel, managed to get on my knees to get Yuki out and even dried him before he took off. Then came the fun one!

King just sat there with his back to me -- laughing. He was loving every single minute of it and the thought occurred to me that he may be part German Shepherd. My mom's dog Lady would kill to get into the water - even the garden hose was a source of joy to her. Who knows, a mix is a mix is a mix at this point. I haven't officially tested King's DNA -- I'm just sure he's a big 100+ pound dog with pretty long brown hair and bright big blue eyes. He's a ladies dog for sure.

After the tub was filled with dirt and hair I managed to climb out of it and dry both of us off...but the comforter still got used the second I released him. All those towels I washed and dried today - - getting it again tonight. I had to use 3 just to clean out the dirt and mess he left. Hey, at least my dogs are clean, right?

Matrix, the only dog NOT to get bathed was found on the bed too, but very safely under the blankets where he would be very difficult to grab or wrangle should I decide he needed to be cleaned. He lucked out...or I did, I don't know which!

Next time - - I close the door.

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mclark56 said...

i concur, close door next time, and note to self, close door when im there. thank you for sharing vauable information with me, id feel really wierd with 3 dogs in the shower with me.