Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Golly Miss Molly!!

Well -- Good Golly! He went and did it now! Reuben went to the Ardmore Animal Wellness Center and he adopted himself a best friend. She's a full blooded female Basset Hound and the vet sets her age at about 18 months. She looks as if she has had puppies in the past, but she'll be spayed in just a few days so there will be no more chance of that happening. Miss Molly was named "Rosie" at the shelter due to her sweet and gentle demeanor. I can't imagine why anyone would let this pup go to a public shelter and not claim her, but that is the story we received.

Reuben and his brother Matt went to the shelter a couple weeks back to volunteer and Rosie was in a pen with dogs that were being kept so their owners could come and claim them. Yesterday she had been moved over to the other side of the shelter, the side allowing anyone from the public to adopt her. With her full blood status, sweet face, and really really great personality, it was a no-brainer that she'd be picked up in no time. Thank God Reuben was there, Johnny-on-the-spot! LOL I think he had a little help with the decision to go ahead and adopt Molly even though I am not moving out of the house with my dogs until July. He's right, in his defense, he is correct -- she wouldn't be there very long and she had already become decidedly thin from being stressed and not eating well.

Here, at the Stringfellow house, Molly fits in just perfectly. She was treated for kennel cough when she arrived in March to the shelter. She was dewormed, vaccinated, and had her nails and ears cleaned yesterday when he adopted her and took her to the vet for her first examination and once-over. It was determined that she could continue the Rx for her cough, but she was at the end of her prescription. She should be OK, not to mention (just so you know) my other dogs have all been vaccinated for KC and/or anything else that could be caught by bringing home another critter from a public shelter.

Reuben informed me that one of the reasons he got Molly early was so that he could watch the NFL draft with her this coming weekend. Everyone knows a man needs a good dog to watch the draft with. I'm more than sure that's going to be a long and drawn out cell conversation between Matt and Reuben, as Matt is still in the Army for another few weeks. Molly will no-doubt be taking Reuben's side every time.

Matt's looking around now for his addition to the house when he becomes a permanent resident of the Stringfellow house. He's adopting an English Bulldog from a rescue center somewhere in the United States. He just hasn't narrowed his search quite yet because he's not moving for another few weeks and I'm not moving out with mine until the middle of the summer - - please Matt, wait until I'm out of the little tiny house with the ever-shrinking yard before bringing in "Husker". Although, they say SEVEN is the number of perfection. Let's not make that happen - - OK? Thanks.

Reuben didn't waste anytime getting Molly her new purple collar and next week when she's spayed she'll receive her pretty shiny rabies vaccination tag proving she's 100% legal. Maybe when Reuben's not looking we girls will paint Molly's nails a bright pretty pink and do her ears all up in bows. Just for fun - - she'd like that. First things first, she has to gain a few pounds. Being at the shelter stressed her out a bit and she's way too thin right now. I'm pretty sure I saw Reub mixing her up a protein shake and adding a few eggs to it. I'll have to be sure and introduce her to the best pet food on Earth - - PRECISE. ( She'll be tip-top and awesome in no time. She's already stunningly gorgeous and sweet as can be...she may as well have the whole package!

Reuben's in love. (and he should be)

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