Friday, February 5, 2010

Ft. Worth by Way of Chicago

It is true. I'm giving up my dream and desire of moving to a downtown Chicago condo for a while so that I can better facilitate my daughter Laura's dream of reining and barrel racing. We're not sure how it is going to work out completely, but if I'm living with her I can pay all the bills while she goes to school, sings, and reins. By living in Ft. Worth (or the surrounding area)at less than 1/2 the cost of living in Chicago, I can also afford to help my daughter Caity survive in Oklahoma and/or California - - wherever she lands. She will be a writer and can write from anywhere, but Laura's needs require that we live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I want to be close to a major airport rather than driving the 110 miles to DFW - - so, it's Ft. Worth, by way of giving up my Chicago condo. I won't cry too much.

All of my kids seem to have their minds and plans made - - but getting them there is the new path we're on right now. Caity can write from anywhere. I can help her submit and get picked up from anywhere. She can party and play and go to college online. Reuben will be playing football for the Ardmore Extreme (new blog tomorrow about that) while Laura needs to be with horses to get her heart and mind centered. When she's with horses, walking in poop and mud, as well as listening to them and breathing with them - - she's in Heaven. Heaven is a good place for all of us.

Reuben couldn't be more excited than he is right now about playing professional football. It isn't the NFL - - no money right now either, but he's playing, hitting, running, tackling, and working out. He'll attend college locally, and figure it all out I'm sure. He doesn't need Mom as much as the girls do for financial help, but maybe there will be enough to go around. I was never one to keep much of my own money anyway - - not with the babies needing so much of it. I just praise God I'm going to able to be there when they need me to facilitate those big big dreams they come up with. Watching them, helping them is far more rewarding. Here I was too; thinking I would be car less and kid less - not yet.

I have decided to buy a horse too and let Laura train her. The one I picked is a registered American Quarter Horse. She's registered as a Buckskin, but you can see she's dapple and more grey or dun. She's light or fair haired and her mane is actually gray not black. She is very pretty. I've decided to call her "Chicago" after the fine city I'm giving up to keep her. She'll live with Laura's horse "Molly" (soon to be renamed "Reno") a grey mare, somewhere between Ft. Worth and Weatherford, TX on an acreage with a few guard dogs, barn cats, wildlife and room enough for Laura to pull out that redneck of hers and go four-wheeling with her brother now and then. You have to do that when you live in Texas.

No worries on the Sooner front. I'm still wearing Crimson and flying the flag on Game Day. I intend on getting a gun license too of course, but maybe with the hidden underground tunnels and the backwoods get-away-trails I'll be OK.

What we do for our children. Here's the difference, so you know.

$500,000 in Chicago gets me a 2 bedroom, 2 bath 1500 sf. condo downtown.
$279,000 in Ft. Worth,TX gets me a 1800 sf 3 bed 2 bath with 10 acres fenced. WOW

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hello Jude!!!!

I´m Iván, the journalist from Chile. Today i´m going to write about Faith, i hope that my boss likes that! If my boss don´t like this theme, I also will write about Fait to my personal blog, because I had read about she in the internet and in your blog, and I think that it s really beautifull story of life, hope and love!.

saludos desde Santiago, Chile...

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