Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Permanent Decisions

Caity Baby's new tattoo! (Yes, it's in Hebrew)

Caity is never one to shy away from the idea of a new and exciting, albeit permanent, tattoo for herself. This one which is plainly running the length of her back reads "Lord Give Me Strength". Now, if you happen to read and/or speak Hebrew and you feel that Caity really has something less profound advertised on her naked spine, please feel free to write to let us know. I somehow think it would be hilarious if what she is now claiming to be a desire of her heart to follow God more closely ended up being something less spiritual and more carnal like "God, Get Me Out of This Mess!" (translations are roughly the same)

Caity simply doesn't have the pain threshold that most normal humans have. It's just such a waste that she can't go into the Armed Forces, they could use her as a human guinea pig for so many things and she would smile right through it. Heck, the girl has a "Shhh" tattooed on the inside of her lower lip! OUCH! NO really Caity, OUCH!!

In order to assure that what she was having etched into her body was really the words she wanted to have carved into her forever, Caity asked our family Facebook friend Arbel Sapir, who happens to be Israeli and living in Israel currently, to write out the words and to send them to her by e-mail so she could print them out and take it to the tattoo guys - - who by the way, talked her out of having them written as a larger chest piece. THANK YOU to my two new favorite men in the world at Ink Spot Tattoos in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Look them up, they're awesome.

If I were to have something in another language (besides the one Kanji symbol on my wrist that reads "DREAM" that I had tattooed for my daughter Laura who was too scared to have it put on herself) placed permanently on my body, I can see where down the spine would be good. It would mean something - - like Caity's, about having back-bone, power, strength. I'd probably have it written in Hebrew as well, it seems to be God's chosen language afterall -- I'd have something simple and beautiful like "Mercy" or "Forgiveness". It would cost less and be that much less painful to me - - My 3-minute "DREAM" about killed me. My ex-student did it, and he laughed at me because I screamed out the f-word. He was saying "OMG! I made the teacher cuss! hahahaha" Yeah, OK...sure, there's that! Whatever!

Anyway, I'm just saying, the whole tattoo thing is so ... real, so permanent! I just think it's, I know, it's too addictive! You get one and then you get another one, and then you start thinking about the next one, and bam! You're asking Facebook friends to write out something in God's words! Well, I have to admit it, she looks great in ink. Not something I say often.

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