Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buying the Bike

I do NOT have to grow up! There is no sense to that.

Just because I'm 47 years old doesn't mean I have to act old, be old, look old, or stop playing. I'm into being me not into being a number. My idea of getting around has changed back to the way I got around when I was 10. I'm going to walk and ride my bike. I don't have a bike right now, so I'll be getting one this weekend. I wish I could find a Banana Seat bike like I had in 1970. That would be great. I named her Nancy and she was teal - - she had a pretty flowered seat, streamers of course, and I put that playing card in the spokes like I was suppose to. My mother caught heck for that because it meant she let us kids actually play with cards! Wow...to think now that I could have really played my life away and become a Texas Hold 'Em star! That would have shown those Baptists a thing or two! HA!

I have a couple of Big Sisters and one of them, Andie, had the really cool old-fashioned (at the time it was new) bike. She looked like she was stylin' on that big thing. I was jealous...but couldn't imagine life without Nancy. Since I'm old enough to work and pay for my own bike now, I'm thinking the middle road will do. I'm going to the bike store Friday and just picking out a middle of the road job with a big fat seat for my big fat seat! Should be fun. I've been riding a recumbent bike for years, a stationary thing. It's time I actually got up and went somewhere - - I may be totally into it and buy a basket so I can carry my fruits and vegetables back from the corner produce market. That's the way to embarrass the hell out of the kids! YES! I'm doing it. A horn would be an extra bonus.

While I was at the store today picking out the bike I wanted, I saw a kid across the way playing in her yard, blowing bubbles and giggling out loud trying to catch the big ones. I loved her smile! I drove straight to Target and bought a big red bubble wand - $1.00. Good to see some things never really go up in price. Fun is one of them. I've been entertaining my boss and the director all afternoon. They just shake their heads and smile - - and that makes me happy.

Why grow up? Old people do that! NOT ME!

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