Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sharpton's Back Peddling!

EVEN I, ME - the mouthy one - wouldn't have been that stupid to say that Mitt Romney would be defeated by "...true believers in God". C'mon Rev. Sharpton - you're giving us Christians a bad reputation - again! I didn't agree with Sharpton when he called for Don Imus' immediate dismissal. I didn't think what Imus said was funny or in good taste, but we've all made bloobers and blunders that we regretted - and we couldn't open our mouths fast enough to retract the words! Imus needs a little management training - maybe a kick in the backside - sure, but to fire the man for words he didn't mean - said, yes, but didn't mean. Now Rev. Sharpton has put his foot squarely in his mouth (1) by saying presidential candidate Romney would be defeated for his personal belief, or perhaps his choice of religious community? (2) becuase he denied it! We saw the tape - hello, we heard you over and over again, because people in the media LOVE THAT to throw Christians to the lions, and in this case - deserved.

Have I ever been so stupid? Oh, HECK YEAH! I am certainly sure that if I had to think of the things I've said to or about someone's faith, their race, their world views, or their culture - my dissertation titled "Multiculturalism in American Education" would be thrown out without review! We're all idiots, we all say really, really, ignorant things. I just thank GOD that I haven't said it on air, and that NO ONE cares who I am - if someone cared, I would be swimming my way out of the Hudson for something I tripped over my tongue for last November when I visited my adopted city of NYC - I think I was on Broadway talking to an African American woman, a friend of mine now, and I said something so ethnic, so culturally rude, that when I found her staring at me in shock I was glad it was SHOCK and not SHAME...I hadn't back peddled like that in years.

So, what to do with Sharpton? Hell, what to do with Richards, Gibson, any of us? FORGIVE - but do it when we deserve it. When and if we're sorry - like most of us are when we realize that our personal lives, our environment, our upbringing, our engrained nature has relaxed inappropriately, and we make ourselves appear less or sound less of the person we wish we were, and more of the person we have so far evolved to. We keep trying....hopefully, peddling, and peddling, but maybe next time it won't have to be backwards - huh? Can we pray about that and believe it for a second? Saying we're wrong is hard - but lying about it only makes it worse.

Christians - follow Christ people. We're NOT Christ, we can't be. Cut us a little slack sometimes, you may find us pretty handy in case of a prayer need someday. (It's rumored we have a direct line you GOD Himself.)

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