Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sur La Table, Yes, Please!

If you're in the neighborhood - - and even if you're not; make your way to 14400 Clay Terrace Boulevard #100 Carmel, IN 46032 to see the glories, the beauties, and of course the great sales at Sur La Table! To put it bluntly, it's one of the best little shop in Indy! Take a few dollars with you, expect to be surprised, but above all, expect to be pampered. From the moment we walked into the brightly illuminated gift and menagerie store in the Clay Terrace outdoor mall, I knew I was in heaven...Kitchen Heaven anyway. Jennifer and her staff walked me through rows and aisles full of colors, textures, styles, and more. My eyes fell first to a few things my kid would die for; and my Christmas shopping for 2012 officially began. I was smart enough NOT to bring my credit card with me this time, but I know I'll be back, and when I do, the kids will benefit most. Oh, I can't say that, I found an automatic espresso and latte machine I've got my eyes on! Happy Birthday to me in a few weeks, that's for sure. First, I thought of Caity, and found a few little owls for her kitchen. I found salt and pepper shakers, big spoon holders for when she's cooking. I found a cook book rack with owls too - their little wings are stretched out to hold the book! Reuben was next, but only because Laura was shopping with me and I couldn't very well buy anything for her with her standing there - even if it was mostly pretend shopping. For Reuben it's all about the rooster! I don't know why he loves them, but he does..and I found one. The best ceramic rooster ever! Don't tell him, it's a surprise. Throughout the store I found this and that; sauces, spices, gadgets, and more. I found coffee paraphernalia - filters, flavors, cups, widgets, you name it, I found it!! I wanted to bust out my birthday wish list right then and I did. I pulled out my new phone and took about 10 photos of things the kids could buy me without the fear of me ever returning or regifting it. I could have 18 flavors of olive oils and never grow tired or collecting or seeing the bottles in my kitchen. I'd just buy a bigger spice rack! I found cups and saucers in every color of the rainbow and just as I was about to pick out one I had to have I saw another one I just had to have! They all went on the list! Aprons of all styles adorn the aisles at Sur La Table! You'll simply fall in love with the pots, the pans, the scrubby things, the soaps, the dishes, the...the..the everything! I think i spent an hour just wandering around and another one narrowing down what it is that I'll end up buying soon - - which of course meant grabbing a second latte from Jennifer compliments of her new Starbucks latte Verismo espresso latte machine..the reviews rave on, and they should. Hey, when Starbucks didn't have the machines you could find them at Sur La Table! (I'm going back!) Thanks Jennifer for the tour, for the love, for the fun!! Indianapolis has a well kept secret, but I hope not for long!!

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