Saturday, February 26, 2011

Priority! Priority!

Oh, it's all about getting our heads screwed on right, isn't it? Remember your grandpa telling you that you had a screw loose in your head? I think I actually thought we were all put together inside our bodies like some sort of machine, a Frankensteinish thing where maybe you couldn't see it unless you were a doctor, but people actually had screws and bolts, and they could possibly come loose! I didn't want that to happen to me. LOL

Over the years, and more precisely over the last few years, forcing myself to prioritize my goals, dreams, and desires has been both a challenge and a process. I'm one of those believers in thought, believers in positive motivational thinking. I believe something can happen simply because I believe it. Remember when you picked up the phone to call someone and they were on the phone already calling you? How does that happen? Sure, there's the logistical explanation that you may be holding to a routine of calling a certain person at more or less a certain time, but for the sake of this point I'm putting it out there that you sent out a thought to the vast and wonderful universe that you personally had an intention to connect with someone and that thought, backed by intention, fortified by positive motivation, put a real vibration into the world and it matched up with another thought just like it -- you may have read about it in the popular book "The Secret", but it's been going on forever. This world of ours, a gift like no other, has a way of producing exactly that which we think about mostly or most strongly.

Getting my mind to separate thoughts, separate dreams, and to separate what I want, now that's the secret if there is one. I have to identify my idea and sit myself down to think about them sometimes. It helps to write it out, pray over it, write it out again, say it out loud and yes, tell someone so that the vibrations of what I want actually come out from my mouth and into the ever-all listening universe. I say God..I always give Him that credit since He actually made the universe. Priority is everything...because that's where the universe begins. It won't jump in the middle, it goes straight off the top - - whatever you are thinking in THAT moment, THIS moment, is what begins the force behind the manifestation which will eventually create that which you are thinking. EVERY time. It's called the Law of Attraction and it works. It really works. REALLY works.

Now what? What do you do first? Simple - - breathe. It's what you do next that counts.

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