Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Losin' It!

Oh, the time has come to proclaim it...I'm LOSIN' IT!!  By "it" I mean my weight. YEA. It is happening. I don't know the exact number, it is between 2-4 pounds, but I can say honestly that I feel lighter. My pants are beginning to slide around a bit when I walk; not a lot, but a bit. I can say I have more energy than I did a week and a half ago. I am also able to say I'm not where I need to be, or where I want to be. It's coming, but it's taking it's time.

I buy a lot of my clothes online through a consignment shopping site called  I love it actually, and I decided to do myself a big favor. I bought several pieces of clothes that I found really appealing, and they had to be just a little tighter than the clothes I'm wearing now, so that when I do lose a bit of weight I'll have something to wear to work without looking frumpy and dumpy. No one wants to look frumpy or dumpy, and everyone wants to wear fine new clothes!  Gotta say, it's a WIN. So, I have a new pair of size 16 Levi jeans that are new without tags. They still had the little tape strip down the front though. I'm in between the 18 and the 16 at this moment. I was a 16 for many years, and somehow it just got away from me.  These jeans are awesome, and I'll wear them in about 2 weeks. I can't wait to do that because not only will I have these new jeans, I have about 12 pairs of nice dress pants that I forced myself to keep when I gained weight. I typically give the old clothes or tight clothes to Goodwill. NOT THESE...I paid full price for most of my dress pants. I just couldn't see the value in letting them go.  When I go under the size 16 I will have the strength to give them away, and I will give them up to charity. I will feel good about it, and someone will be happy. They really are nice.

It's been 10 days officially. and I'd bet I am right there in the middle of where people are who go on this diet. I'm not one to lose weight too quickly anyway, so I'm OK with just having lost a few pounds. That's a few more than I had packed on, and it's a few less than I have to shed now. I'm hoping to keep it up, and shed 4 pounds every 10 days for the next...say...100 days.  I'd like that a lot. By the day Spring hits I'll have lost 15 pounds for sure, and then another 15 by Summer. It can happen. I can be PRETTY and SLIM FIGURED again - - YEA!!  (too much?) 🙆

The biggest changes I've noticed is the way I sleep. I think I feel better, so I rest better. I drink more tea, I drink less coffee. I have absolutely no bread or cane sugars. If I get sugars it's from the fruits and natural juices. Oh, I have to tell the truth, OK, I do have 2 pieces of 72% cacao chocolate, and that has some cane sugar, but the sweetener I use for the "mush" and other foods is Stevia, and I don't make a habit of that...just enough, or under enough.  I use a bit of organic "Half and Half" once a day for the coffee, and 2 tablespoons on the "mush" (which is made like oatmeal, but it's with flaxseed and pumpkin puree).  I throw a few raisins and walnuts in it, and bam...good food!  I love this diet. I'm never hungry, although people told me I would be. Reuben insisted I would be. If I get close to it, I simply pop a few carrots, an apple slice or two, or I eat a handful of raisins. I can do this! I know I can do this. It's taking me a long time to say, but I'm finally, finally losin' it. YES.

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