Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shocked But NOT Surprised

WOW...and I mean WOWWWWW...I really had NO idea that I had gained back every single pound and a few more. I do that when I'm stressed and I knew I was getting heavier but didn't realize HOW fast and HOW much I had gained. I'm not really a Yo-Yo type dieter. I stay pretty close to a good routine and I eat well, but I stopped exercising and boy oh boy has it shown. SO, no more excuses - - it's time to be extremely diligent, goal-oriented and factual with myself. All those things I lied to myself about must stop. NO MORE BREAD, no means no. I tell myself "Oh, a little won't hurt", but it does. I tell myself that the sugars I eat, the candy and the creamer I put in my coffee; that it will be fine. It's NOT fine. It's REFINED...NO MORE. I just saw myself on the front page of the Register, a paper out of Portage, Wisconsin. I'm an absolute fatty; and no I'm not going to apologize to myself or anyone else that I may be offending. I'm not insulting anyone, I'm owning up to my own body needs. This is just not acceptable. EVEN if the camera added only 10 pounds I am ROUND and I won't allow it. NOPE, I will not allow it. It's not good for my lifestyle, my health, my blood pressure, my anything. I am not going to let this continue. Good thing it's summer almost. From this day forward, until I am 30-40 pounds lighter, I'm walking EVERY SINGLE day for 3 miles in the morning with Laura and if she doesn't go with me I'm doing it myself. She will go with me, since she won't let me go by myself. WE ARE DOING THIS. Man, I can't believe what I saw...but I'm so very glad I did. I just gave 5 presentations for the staff at a FANTASTIC healthcare provider. I was the keynoter at a ski/golf resort near Portage, Wisconsin. I talked about being positive, taking it one day at a time and NOT allowing negative into our lives. I talked about being well balanced and healthy...things are so vivid when you see them in the mirror for what they are! I'm the one that needs to listen to myself and do what I ask of others, so HERE WE GO!! Walking is just part of it. I'm cutting out the refined sugars, only getting what comes in fruits, nuts, veggies, and whole grains. Creamer will have to be sugar free and starches just aren't invited to the party. Not now. I can't do it. I can't let them win. It's MY turn. MY TURN!! I won't set too many goals, but this one: 30 pounds as quickly as I can doing it safely and with EXERCISE....have I said WOW enough times? I just can't get over my oversight on this one. I just can't. I let life get so far ahead - - and it ran right over me. Rather than letting the photos depress me I've decided to embrace them and show them whose boss. ME, that's who. ME! I love me. I'd be my friend on Facebook. I'd take me out, I'd run around with it's ME that needs to take better care of myself. Thanks camera the future I hope to let you show a little less.

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