Saturday, February 26, 2011

Women's Radio Columnist - - ME!!

That's right, I'm on the big screen -- depending on how big your monitor is. I'm working my fingers and writing for the Women's Radio syndicated publications online. I'm a real live columnist folks. People will read my work,fall in love and simply have to know more. Well, they can read my work now, and that's a start. I'm a blogger here, a writer out in the world, and now I am a syndicated columnist. You'd think I'd be paid. Why am I not being paid? LOL

Women's Radio has a great and long following of millions literally - it is one of the most respected women's sites known. If you get the chance to see it please do. Simply go to ad listen, read, write, contribute, comment, be a part of one of the largest and more exciting sites dedicated to women and their views. I know men are out there reading and even writing for the site. That's allowed, sort of like when a good looking, blonde, sexy, woman of mystery walks through a gentleman's club and every head turns. OF COURSE IT TURNS, she's a beautiful, blond, sexy, woman walking through a club full of men. Simple decision for you -- go to and read a little. I can't promise you that your head will turn at everything I write, but mine did. I wouldn't have written it otherwise.

The site is a great place to listen to shows, read blogs, read articles, and if you have the skills and desires you can be a columnist, a blogger, and/or a person who shares YOUR point of view through comments. We welcome you! Look at me saying WE. Wow, it's true, I'm ONE OF THEM!!! YEA. Thank you to Pat Lynch, President and Editor in Chief at Women's Radio. She found me on LinkedIn, another great social networking location where both men and women hook up and find professionals in their line of work to assist and be assisted. I've found so many wonderful and experienced people through these sites that they warrant being bragged about. PLEASE, if you are willing to help, or you need help with a project, gig, finding work, just put your fingers to the plastic and join a few social networking sites. BE a part of something. GET OUT THERE and make the difference ONLY you can. WE can do this. All of the WE in the world.

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