Friday, November 12, 2010

A Girl and Her Horse

There's just something about men and their trucks and girls with their horses. I don't know where to start with my personal story because it has deep deep roots, but only a few blooms. I'm tell you that when I was little and knew absolutely nothing about horses I wanted one. My parents lived in the city, there were no real barns that I knew about where you could board a horse, and believe me, they weren't the type of people to every pay anyone to keep an animal - - far more pragmatic than that. If we didn't have our own land then we weren't getting a horse. It was that simple. My friends had horses, and that's where I eventually ended up; with my friends who had horses. I can rattle off the names of 5 of my close friends that saw a lot of me throughout the years because they owned a few horses.

As a young adult I did the impossible; I bought myself a horse. I don't know that I told my mom and dad. I may have, I probably did, but I know I didn't tell them the heartbreak of losing it because I was lied to, the man I bought him from was a crook and took my money, then told the police he was leasing the horse to me. I know I didn't tell my parents about falling off from a dead run from a 16.3 hand tall (that's tall in case you're not into horses) sorrel Thoroughbred gelding. I know I never told them that I was planning on stealing the horse back and trying to figure out a way to borrow dad's truck to do it. That much I know I didn't share with my parents. Girls and their horses - - there's a bond that clamps tightly around the heart and it really never lets up. I remember everything about the horse and I wasn't even that much in love with him. I was more in awe I think. He was huge, he was fast, he was gorgeous, and he was gone.

All these years later, and after having a daughter that was born to ride, I have found myself in the position of owning another horse. I almost got one given to me by a very special friend I've only met on the internet. She and I went into business together, and she wanted to buy me a pretty Appaloosa but things just didn't work out for the seller and the buyer to get things together. Timing seems to be a big part of owning a horse these days. I knew I didn't have the extra money to pay for one, but I really really wanted one. This same friend was able to buy my daughter a lesser trained horse, and Laura had the time, patience, and energy to bring to the barn and train her new horse; a bay colored Arab/Quarterhorse named Stryker. He's only three, gelded, and from all looks and tests seems to be an awesome choice for the price. Watching Laura with Stryker, and occasionally riding a barn horse I've been itching to get my own again - - until now. Now I have one.

Laura and I are believers of the Law of Attraction. We begin by accepting the fact that if we believe it whatever we believe in will come true as long as we continue to think about it, live as if it is ours, and pray hard - - really hard. God is so funny sometimes. He really is; I talked to Him openly and reminded Him of the tall, stately sorrel red animal I had in 1983. I reminded Him (God) that I was not an experienced rider, and thought that a Thoroughbred would be a bit much - - you know, too much actually. Did I mention we were believers of the Law of Attraction? You see, according to the Law of Attraction that which you lend your attention to is what is brought to you. That which you bring your thoughts around to is what is received. I thought over and over about how I didn't want a Thoroughbred. I thought over and over about how I didn't want a red horse. I thought over and over again how I wanted a shorter, tamer, slower horse that would be best for me, but it couldn't be a red horse, and it couldn't be a Thoroughbred. (Notice how I said it COULDN'T BE)

Well, the Law of Attraction only hears and understands your emotion. It doesn't separate good and/or bad, yes or no. It just gives you exactly what it is that you are thinking about mostly - - the strongest, and I really really didn't want a red Thoroughbred. I got a RED THOROUGHBRED!! LOL

I got online and found a lot of free horse ads on advertisements that are really set up for horse lovers. You would have to be a horse person to know where these ads are and that's a good thing as the average person looking may or may not understand all the responsibilities that go along with actually owning a horse. I was green as a fresh pine cone when I started out in my 20's. Today I know a lot more, but one thing I know is that I don't know enough. I will tell you the truth, I was not experienced enough for the big horse, and it is probably a blessing that I was only thrown off once! Angels probably held me in the saddle after the first throw. After finding an ad for a horse that seemed absolutely perfect for me; I filled out the contact information form and the first thing I laughed about as I looked over the ad was the fact that this free, well mannered, great temperament horse, the one I would be able to get for free, delivered to me, and she would be an amazing horse for me - - was red. She was too short to race, which is why she was being given away and that meant she was a full blooded Thoroughbred. Law of Attraction!

Well, bring it on! The wonderful woman (Ashley) that brought the horse to me was another amazing person. I honestly feel that we'll be friends for the rest of our lives. The horse is able to be registered, but without being raced, without being qualified to be a race horse, she was never registered. I can do that. I can name her. I can be her first real owner and that means so much to me. At 15 hands tall, my red Thoroughbred mare is named Boomer's Crimson Heart. She is the daughter of a race horse on both sides; Lion's Heart is her Sire and Meadowlake's Star is her Dam. I'm told they were average and I'm told they were unremarkable. These are terms that horse trainers use - - to me they are priceless. They made my baby.

Thanking my Lord today, thinking of the new relationship that started with a quest to see if there would be something out there for me - - I now believe even more strongly in the power of positive thinking. The thing is, I know also to be careful what I ask for - - and what I think about. Because I'll get it. A girl and her horse. It's a beautiful thing.

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Tina (Mom) (Nana) said...

So happy for you Jude and for your Crimson! I believe in the Law of Attraction too! I have always wanted to meet Faith face to face. I fell in love with Faith the moment I saw that sweet face. I was casually going through my favorites on the computer when I saw my Bucket List Wish unfold! Tomorrow's the day! I can't wait to see you both at the Expo!