Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Two - Mercy Has Been Shown

Every now and then I find myself needing a little mercy. Today I woke up, took my son to run a few errands and on our way back my car stopped working! It has been experiencing a great deal of problems since my son drove it through water a few weeks back (unavoidable really) and it's been just a little annoying to say the least. So today when the security light came on - - and the engine wouldn't turn over, I knew it was the same issue I had with it last week. It was fixed last week, and by a wonderful mechanic too. I called him to let him know there would be another moment for he and my car to spend a little time together. He's on his way up from Texas now. GREAT man.

Then, if you remember, I'm taking the weight loss thing very seriously now and am doing a master cleanse, something of a miracle some say. It's a variation on the lemonade/cayenne thing. The rumor is that actress/singer Beyonce has been doing the lemonade/cayenne diet from time to time and it works. Beyonce, and others may be stronger than I am. I can't do the diet or fast without eating. I do eat much less than I use to, I will say that. There are times I have to remind myself to eat. I get so busy and I'm full of energy from the cayenne or something - but it gets done. I have been eating so much better than I once did. If I had to do it all over, or if I ever get grand kids, there will be a new way of eating introduced. Absolutely. I won't say sugar is the enemy, but it's not a close friend.

So my car needs a new starter and there may be one in town just waiting on me to pick it up when I get my old one off the car and take it to the man at the salvage yard. If you haven't been to your local salvage yard you need to go. If going to the commercial auto stores are your thing I won't try to convert you, but I paid $30 for an Air Mass Flow for my car at the salvage yard where it was $217 at AutoZone! They both worked. Just because a car comes in broken doesn't mean the part YOU NEED is broken, right? I think I'll pay $35 for the starter and it was $159 at AutoZone. There you go. A break, mercy for me! Thank you God!

So while I wait on my neighbor to get home so I can borrow his car-jacks to get my starter off; Faith and I have been hanging out on the porch watching the world drive by. I treated her to a little lemon in her water and she treated me with a big fat smile and a kiss. I love dogs. Talk about showing you mercy - - DOGS are the best. They believe you're better than you are, and if I could someday be the person my dog thinks I am - - wow, I'd be flying wouldn't I?

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