Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hurry Up and Weight!

Oh, sometimes I just make myself laugh - - like today. I went online to get the free trial special for the Acai Berry thing coupled with the total body cleanse thing right? You only pay shipping and supposedly they give you a month's supplies worth of the next miracle pill(s) out on the market and you lose all the ungodly weight you have been packing on for the past several years. It's a good deal right?

I made the call. When I did a recording came on telling me that the call may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes. Well, let me tell you - - the Acai place wouldn't take my secured debit card (a money card rebate VISA) because they say they couldn't verify it. I offered to send them a money order but they explained they couldn't take that form of payment either. When I asked why I was told they needed to be able to VERIFY that you are the correct person who has ordered the pills. WRONG ANSWER - - in my opinion the ONLY reason someone would refuse to take a valid form of payment, either through a real live debit card, money gram, or money order, or even a personal check, is because they're probably wanting to RECHARGE you on that bank card VISA after such time you choose to withdraw from the "program".

I explained to the very sweet woman on the phone that I was not interested in a "program" but only the free trial. She went on to explain to me (in very rehearsed verbiage) that it was the "program" that facilitated the free trial. If you didn't continue purchasing the product through your bank card VISA, the order could not be completed. Apparently the "quality purposes" gods were not happy when her explanation and our conversation was terminated. GONE. She must have said too much. I can only imagine now that Eugenia is receiving a bit of "program" training now. OOPS.

After being rejected I decided to make my way to the very local but helpful health food store in my tiny town. I'll be happy when I can make this same trip in Chicago and have a bit of a better selection. To my great pleasure and surprise the health food store had at least 3 products to choose from. Each product contained 500mg of Acai extract per pill and suggested using 2 pills or 1g of the extract on a daily basis. When I revisited the online site it wasn't clear how much Acai extract you were being given so I recalled the 800 number and pretended to be a new customer. The amount you would receive if you paid for it online would be - - wait for it - - 200 mg per pill. Wow, and they charged $18.00 per bottle and you had to buy two bottles at a time, and shipping. I think I paid $12.00.

The other part of the online "program" mentioned using a total cleansing product such as the one I use now, "Colon Clenz" by Body Gold. The amount suggested was the same amount I use daily now, so no changes will need to be made. I just had to laugh a little at my initial naive thought process. Did I really think for a second I could get something for next to nothing that would work? Maybe I'm still an optimist after all these years of being batted around in the real world - or maybe I just haven't decided to accept the real world and try to make mine a bit more pleasant. That's got to be it!

The "program" mentioned that the average person on their testimonial site lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. They had pictures and everything - - everything including the fine print that states that these particular people had weight loss that wasn't typical. OK - what is typical? The overall research I conducted rendered 4 pounds in 2 weeks. THAT was after you coupled it with a good diet and exercise. OF COURSE you can lose 4 pounds in 2 weeks if you eat right and have a good exercise program! So, what is the Acai and the total cleanse for? Well, breaking it down I would say for antioxidants and waste.

Bottom line - - eat right, exercise, poop, and be nice to everyone you meet on the streets and in life; they all have issues and my not be feeling their best. A smile is always a good gift.

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Kayla said...

Well Jude you are right,I did the very same thing and they charged my card for another shipment the next month.I had to call and have it canceled. And by the way it didn't work!! What a waste!!! Glad you made the right decision, no need to waste precious money these days!!