Monday, December 7, 2009

Trig? Tripp? Triangle? I Can't Keep Up.

Let's just say that I've never believed that Trig Palin, the 5th kid, was actually born to Sarah and Todd Palin. Sarah, according to two sources now, has called Trig her (and I quote them) "little retarded baby boy". Now, call me crazy, but if my kid had down-syndrome I wouldn't refer to him as retarded. I'm not even all that politically savvy and I know the difference between addressing someone as challenged and someone as retarded. Seems to me that the MOTHER of little Trig would be a bit more careful with her words; as well as the way she holds HER baby. Bristol holds Trig lovingly. I've seen Sarah's way of holding Trig, and believe me, it's as if she's being forced to babysit! Sometimes I think Piper gets in her way, she wouldn't have had another kid at her age and there's NO WAY IN HELL she boarded an Alaskan Airlines plane in Dallas after she confirmed with people in Alaska by telephone that her water had just broken - - wow, does this make me cynical? NO, it makes me concerned that a leader in my own party could think for 1/2 a second that any of us was truly that ignorant. JUST TELL THE TRUTH PALIN!

I hadn't even heard of Andrew Sullivan until Sarah Palin decided to write a book that I have read several excerpts from. I have yet to read the book entirely as I just can't wrap my brain around the Trig question. As a mother it REEKS with (in my opinion) lies and substandard explanations about her pregnancy. Seems NO ONE really knew about her expecting until the end and wow, looky there -- a baby! Oh, but where's Bristol? NO ONE could really give us that information now could they? When asked by a journalist about a possible cover-up involving Bristol and her teenage boyfriend which may or may not have been Levi Johnston, reporters say Palin was ready to sue reporters for asking! HELLO -- they can ask anything! As a candidate for the Vice Presidency of our nation - - you bet your butt you're expected to answer these questions too. Why would I want ANYONE in office that can't answer THAT question? PLEASE!

Well, to be honest with you, and I guess now that General Patreaus as answered honestly about it; I didn't vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin this past election. No, I didn't vote for Senator (now Pres.) Obama either. I wrote in my choice for President of the United States of America as I'm sure at least a few others did. I wanted Colin Powell. Since he didn't run I didn't add a Vice Presidential choice but come to think of it, maybe General P would have been a pretty good choice. At least I can say with near perfect accuracy that neither of them had embarrassed me, their party or the nation by NOT answering simple and straight forward questions like "who is Trig's real mother?" Would it really matter if anyone had said Bristol? That's like saying you don't dye your hair, or you didn't get vanity surgeries. Having babies out of wedlock isn't the end of the world. I don't recommend it. I did it too, but it's not the worst thing that can happen - - lying is. Did you hear me? LYING is the worst.

Levi's not the brightest bulb in the box, but I gotta hand it to the kid, he's not letting the hockey-mom hunter get under his skin, and something tells me that as little Trig and Tripp grow up their DNA may be very interesting for say - - a science discussion!

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