Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day Whatever of the Commitment - I Feel Great

OK, so let's see, let's count. Today is the 6th day of the commitment, the diet, the way of life, whatever you want to call it. It's not been the slightest problem so far -- well, I did go one full day without blueberries and that was a major set back. I had to fall back on cranberries and just DEAL with it! LOL

In the morning we're still blending - bananas, blueberries, hummus or garbanzo powder, yogurt, and now I throw in those billions of cultured live cells that you can pick up in the health food store (liquid). I'm so freaking healthy guys! Just so freaking healthy. I do the coffee of course as well, and drinking water is just what I do. I think between the coffee, the tea, the water and the juice, I've raised my 95% water capacity to 98% and I'm more than sure I'll be solvent if I step out into the rain or snow this weekend in Seattle. Just one big puddle...and 2% of bone.
The dogs will love me. I'll go down in history as making a grand sacrifice for the animals in my life.

There's no way I can tell you if I've lost weight, I think so, I believe I have, but because I don't weigh myself there isn't a number to tell you. I'm thinner. I'm pulling up the jeans easier, I'm bending over in the jeans easier, and I'm dancing faster, more smoothly - - this is a good indicator that I'll be juicing a bit longer than the original 21 days. I'll keep up the habit, can't hurt and with the way my waist seems to be trimming down some I may not have to fear the KNIFE so much. The doctor can use a much smaller blade now....put away the machete Doc, it's better now.

So, we're getting rain and possibly snow here in Oklahoma. I have my phone and weather guides on my computer set to whatever the weather is in Chicago. Visualizing is everything, so I go into the Chicago mode now and then and see how my new condo is doing. I pull it up on the Google maps and stare at the front doors. I check out the area web cams and see the people bustling, moving around -- that's going to be me all wrapped up and cussing at the wind! I'm going to be the one trudging to the store for a couple of bags of groceries and fighting back the blistering blizzard. Can't wait - - and I'll do it with LESS weight on my butt....all the more reason to celebrate, and to add a bit of a kick to my step! YEA!!

OK, now you're wondering what EXACTLY I really am putting in these juices aren't you? LOL

Today for lunch: 1 cucumber, 1 vine ripe tomato, 2 carrots, 1 sweet small sweet potato, 2 granny smith apples and a cube (1") of ginger - - and I'm full! Not to mention I have this mental illusion that I can actually spin/leap from one building to the next up in Chicago to get to Dominick's, but I'm wondering how I'll manage it on my way home with the bags bulging...probably can't. Sigh.

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