Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 3 - and Actually Not Really Counting

So, it's my third day on the juice diet but I have to repeat that I hate the word "diet" so we'll do the commitment thing again. Third day being great to myself, and doing a bit more research on all the benefits of juicing things like ginger root, horseradish, and things that make your eyes water. I am amazed at the information you can pull off the internet. I found a great recipe for "Purple Passion" which I'll try tomorrow after I go back to the Farmers Market for a few fresh grapefruits. Today it was a standard: Tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, sweet potato, celery, and cranberries - - but I did throw in a cube of ginger!!

Purple Passion:

8 oz of blueberries
1 1/2 of a grapefruit
1 cube of ginger (juiced)
2 small or 1 medium apple

JUICE THAT and drink it. Wow - - powerful stuff. I'm told it will not only have all the antioxidants one needs for the day, but ginger helps with stomach problems, gas, bloating, even helps to eliminate bad breath like garlic does. It use to be the 2nd most popular spice in India and Europe back in the day, right next to pepper. I can see the similarities. Ginger is really strong, but unlike pepper it can be juiced easier and has a certain aphrodisiac effect as well - - yeah, and that can't be bad right? LOL

So, my littlest one asked me (on my fourth trip to the store) to pick her up a comb so she could better even out her haircut - the one I told her was a bit choppy. I did that. I got her the comb. Turns out I didn't need to spend that $1.55 after all - - I mean, maybe in 6 months she can use the comb again, but not at this moment - - as you can see from the photos up on top, she has nothing up on top now! This is my life people. I come home to this sort of thing on a daily basis, and NO I am not really shocked anymore. I think of it as another day, another adventure. Today she has no hair, tomorrow she'll be starring in a new Sci-Fi or something, or I'll have new furniture, perhaps my bathroom doors will be inverted, or my Christmas tree limbs pushed upward creating an ARROW effect. I have NO idea what to expect with Caity, and that's OK...I love the journey.  What's NOT fair, is that she's gorgeous with and without hair. NOT fair.

Laura? Oh, she's working, paying bills, dancing, singing, and learning to speak Japanese, same as she was last time - - but I still don't turn my back on her too long either. She has an mischievous streak in her at times too. Another day, another good and happy memory.

17 more days until my son comes home!!!!

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