Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's a Starbucks Thing!

You know, I knew I liked this Gary Sinise guy! Look closely -- here he is on set at for the CBS-TV show "CSI-NY" and instead of drinking from the little blue and white GREEK cups which are an absolute staple in NYC, he's drinking from MY favorite, the Starbucks cup! Now, I will admit - - on my first trip to NYC I did hunt down a street vendor and I did buy a cup of coffee and a bagel for a $1 so I could keep the cup and say I did it. That was a priority to me, sort of my way of saluting the guys on Law and Order that I watched for mega-years. Out of the more than 100 Starbucks stores in Manhattan I have been to 67. Faith and I (my dog) have personally been inside 574 different Starbucks stores, NOT including the kiosks at the airports. She has actually walked into 574 stores to date...WHAT a great tribute to a wonderful company.

Heck, I like Starbucks so much I convinced my daughter Laura (cute red-head) to join the ranks of the best Baristas in the world - - she's in Ardmore, OK right now, and will be going to Ft. Worth, TX soon. Some of my best friends were Starbucks Baristas, it's how we met.

I need to write a book about the stores I've been to - - the people I've met. Sure, there are the famous people: I've seen and/or met Allison Janey, A.J. Buckley, Samuel L. Jackson, Jesse L. Martin, Vera Wang, and Gray Frederickson in various stores across the country - - but it's the OTHER people that matter. It's the Andrew Wests, the Julie Smedlunds, the John Harringtons, the Peggy McQ's and Pam Lindsays...and the J.D. Whites that matter to me...the people who talk to me about politics, love, sex, music, money, vacations, Chicago condos, and oh the BARISTAS!! Some of them will flat out sing to you when you request it -- Andrew West, aka GAMBIT. I've had Starbucks Baristas volunteer to drive me home when my car didn't start. I met one in Dallas and he transferred to Jacksonville, FL and I met him again and he remembered me!! I wasn't with the dog at the time either, he just remembered me....that was amazing to me.

So, salute to Mr. Gary Sinise for his Starbucks loving habit! Salute to my dog Faith who has been to just as many Starbucks as I have been to! Salute to my beautiful daughter Laura who is picking up the singing barista status that "Gambit" started -- may the coffee flow, the caffeine keep you awake, and may all your lattes come out just the way you like them. What do I like at Starbucks? Well, I like my coffee like I like my men - - and if you know the sizes of the Starbucks coffees it will make sense to you when I compare it to "the man"...I like my coffee tall, strong,a little sweet, a little spicy, bold, full-bodied, robust, Italian and HOT...just like ... well, Sinise! OH, she went there! LOL

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