Friday, October 2, 2009

The Big Decision!

OH, it finally happened! It has finally come down to the BIG question. The BIG decision! WHAT will Jude do on October 17, 2009? Will she go to the Navy Pier in her FAVORITE city of Chicago, and see her FAVORITE man Gary Sinise play in his band the Lt. Dan Band ( or will she stay home and watch the Oklahoma Sooners play the Texas Longhorns with her best friend Jeannie? GOOD QUESTION!

There are those, who have for the past 4 years berated me, belittled me, made fun of me, and called me all sort of things because I openly and unashamedly admit to loving this man. I mean, I intentionally keep my feelings about him somewhat out of the public because no one quite understands how a woman can feel so strongly about someone she's never met - - right? So, over and over again as our two lives and the jobs we have seemed to cross paths, I have found myself just missing the man by minutes through airports. We have been in the same place at the same time, but no, no, we have not actually seen each others smiling faces; and yet, I absolutely love him deeply in my heart.

I did not ask for this feeling, in fact I have argued with God on a number of occasions because of it - -claiming it is wrong to feel this way; and have begged the Almighty to release me from this particular assignment to love Gary Sinise. No one said I had to DO anything about the feeling -- but I was commanded to do it. To love that is, to just love him no matter what, and of course that includes no matter how any one else feels about my heart having been surrendered to this calling. So, the question is: Because I have free tickets with American Airlines and I could so very very easily take the S70 up to the Windy City; because I have vouchers for the Crown Royale hotel, and I could if I wanted to, stay with my good friends Dan, P.M. Dan, and Ruben (not to be mistaken for Reuben) -- because I have credit at Enterprise and could rent a little compact or mid-size car for next to nothing - - and because I could simply find myself around town without a problem - what will I do?

Anthony Tortoriello, my photographer, body-guard, vegetarian guru, and good friend would love to show me around the city I love so very much. He lives there, and we could take a trip to the Barrington Barkery also. We could get Faith a cookie with her name on it! We could crash Joe's and have a veggie burger, but I'm more or less doing raw foods now, so it would be more like a salad and a couple of pieces of fruit for me, but the fact remains...I could! I could, and if I wanted to badly enough I would - - after all, it's GARY ALAN SINISE! LOL (You can't see me rolling off the chair right now laughing, but I am because I know me. I know me very well.)

I've turned down 3 job offers that weekend. One paid $5,000 and I just said NO! I will not go to the Bahamas and do a show on October 17, I have plans. One was a gig in Los Angeles, but why would I go to L.A. if my man was playing in Chicago - - come on! The other was a gig in South Beach and you know, I'm not really ready for bikinis just yet, but a little heat in mid October could be a good thing right? NO NO NO NO NO NO...I have made up my mind. I know exactly what I'm doing, I know exactly who I am going to be stalking - - and it will NOT BE....wait, I don't stalk, I observe. LOL

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love the hell out of ONE Gary Alan, but not even Gary can take the place of my Boomer Sooner OU football team on the OU/TEXAS weekend - - NOPE...I'm not even sure I'd pick my son up at the airport on that day if he were coming home from the Army! WHAT AM I SAYING..... Baby Boy wouldn't be STUPID enough to fly that day! PLEASE..he's going to be glued to his set too! PEOPLE - - OK, I love the man, he's great and everything, but I do have my priorities and well, Sooner born, Sooner Bred!

Sorry Gary - - maybe next time. (Definitely "sometime") LOL

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