Tuesday, September 22, 2009


WOW -- a full week into the RAW foods and I feel awesome. I haven't been able to say that about any other diet I've been on. When I jumped off the deep end this year and did the hormone thing, the HG whatever diet, I was hungry all the freakin' time. I couldn't wait for the tiny little bit of food allowed, and the strict regulations seemed a bit over the top, but they promised results...I should have been more savvy than that. Promises are just empty words when they don't back it up with good science - - well, when it comes to dieting or losing weight anyway.

I found a diet this past week involving eating specifically for your blood type and it was all very cool until I researched the doctor and found that he had never done any real medical journaling about it. He hadn't bothered to ask the science world to engage in studies I guess, and it was more or less in my opinion a way for him to make money. I know, I bet he had reasons and he was all thrilled about the concept; there may even be some 1/2 truths in there too. I just don't want to do anything faddish, or do anything remotely limited because I can't live that way. I'm too active. I get out there in the world and I work hard. I play hard. I want things for myself and that means I have to be able to believe in what I'm doing as far as my eating is concerned.

I remembered being a kid and having all the energy in the world. Why is that? Probably because I wasn't trashing my body with fast food and we ate ONE cooked meal a day in the evening and the rest of the time I was running, playing, skipping, riding my bike, walking, hiking, climbing, and chasing every stray animal I could find. I was actually working my muscles and making them move a bit more than I am now. One other thing, I didn't drink cokes! I never drank them because I came from a family that couldn't afford a bunch of sweets and I'm OK with that.

My grandparents on my mother's side had a huge monstrous garden in their backyard. They had plum trees, apple trees, peach trees and pecan trees too. I remember that. I remember watching and helping my grandpa tend the garden and we ate from it. Mom had one too, but it wasn't nearly as big as grandpa's. She had maybe six or seven things, he had more than 20 or 30 I bet. I don't know, but I remember thinking it was lame to eat what came out of the ground and cool to eat what you could buy at the store. WHY did I think that? Must have been the times - - the advertisements on TV about Tv-Dinners and convenience. Thank God my mother didn't get a microwave until we were out of the house.

I went to the store today and bought a bunch of raw foods. I was finished pretty fast and realized that if I wanted the really good stuff I'm going to have to find a farmers market, a side of the road produce vendor, or drive the distance to the Whole Foods Market - - people in line behind me were commenting on my choices. I thought about it, and then turned to interact with them about the food in my basket. I showed them how I felt after just one week and invited them to look at my YouTubes with Faith and see the physical difference in body! If nothing else LOOK at that! I've lost weight over the past 2 years from exercise and dieting yes, but I never had the glow I have today - - I'm beaming! (Could be the amount of yellow and orange roughage I ate last night!) LOL

Going raw doesn't mean eating salads all the time either. I had a great smoothie for breakfast with sprouted bread and real jam. I had beets, carrots, apples, and spinach juiced for lunch, and I ate another piece of sprouted bread. I'll have seared tuna tonight with artichokes and asperagus heated to 110 degrees with a dab of almond butter over it - - I'm not complaining.

Anyway, I won't say that I won't be 10% this or that, going 100% is hard. Geographically if you're not in the best area you can't get the best things, but you can do better than you think you can. Bottom line - - it's YOUR body. Love it enough to keep it around for a while. Grandpas are good for more than just kissing and hugging, mine taught me that tending a garden at the age of 91 ain't such a bad thing. He did die by the way, which really upset me, I wasn't ready for his exit - - but he was happy.

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