Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction - WOW

It is true. I mean, you can accept the fact or deny it, but gravity is real and so are the other laws that universally rule us. We can't simply pick and choose which ones we will accept and which ones we don't. The Periodic Table is a guide to use in instructing us which elements are in existence and a good scientist (not me) can show or help guide you as to which of these elements should or should not be combined, exposed, pressured, you get the picture.

Curiosity can be a great launch-pad for discovering new worlds in physics; especially when you know that some of these physics involve ideas, thoughts, patterns, and behaviors WAY above the scope of your (my) imagination. I love digging into that sort of thing. I love unearthing, or unspacing something and just pulling out the stops long enough to drift in and out of intellectual bliss; literally drowning myself in information I can't possibly survive alone. That really turns my head...and it should turn yours.

Did you know that people vibrate at a certain numbered frequency? Everything does. You know those really really cool light scopes they have on CSI that you can put ANYTHING into and depending on how long it takes the laser light to pass through the object determines the make and material of the object you placed in the scope? Well, they work and so do sonar machines, wave machines, equally neat equipment measuring past the nth degree both our sound vibrations, luminous frequencies and because of this we fall subject to (because it's the LAW) to the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction simply says: That which you send out you will receive back. Let's break that down. If you have a vibration level of 10 you send out that frequency and more "10" comes back to you because that is what you put out...10.

If you raise that level, or lower that level in any way, that is the new signal you are sending out, and that is the new level that will come to you in time. Did you read that last part - - in time. It does take time. Time is a good thing. You want time to be a factor here - - if you put out hate all of a sudden you don't want hate to come back - - time allows you to change and break down those hate signals into more usable love and goodness signals; believe me - it works.

Test it: Go into a WalMart and walk around. Notice the energy levels of the people in the building, see them, hear them, listen to them, try to gauge if you can the level of vibrational frequencies they're putting out. There will be many many many different signals, but there is an overall pattern to it. Then, go into a high-end department store and do the same thing. Vibration and frequency patterns can and are measured every day - - so you or me making this discovery is not rude or selfish. It's not mean or belittling - -it's a fact. The mall has a different level of energy flowing through it EVEN if the same people are in the mall that were JUST inside the WalMart. It is a fact.

OK - - now for the really super cool news that just begs to be shared. Are you ready? You can, and I do this all the time, manifest your wants and your desires (dreams included) by simply sending out the signals for it, waiting for it to happen and repaying the universe with gratitude and joy. It's up to you to respond with joy when something bad happens - - the Bible was very clear in James when it says: "Count it all JOY when you come to a trial in your life" JOY is not fake, it is a decision, a very conscious decision that you choose to make in order to play HIGHER levels of energy out into the universe so you can receive it back. More pain and more suffering begat more pain and more suffering.

DID YOU KNOW - - that you can (it's measurable)scientifically prove that a vibration becomes a signal after you've been giving thought to one desire or one thing for only 17 seconds? JUST 17 seconds is all you need for the "dew point" if you will, for a vibration to take off and form -- and then go out into the world ready to retrieve a like thought -- that's why time is important. Hate and passion are two very strong feelings, the fact that you would have to hold these thoughts for a full 17 seconds is WHY it takes a vibration that long to form.

DID YOU KNOW - - that if you hold that thought, that desire, (through meditation) for 68 seconds it will be bonded, braided even, stronger, and more powerful, and will return to you with it's like strong bonded vibration FASTER because of it's measurable weight...frequency? TRUE...just 68 seconds will bring it! BRING IT!

So, here's the plan: You knew I had a plan. I'll sit on my bed and think. I'll pull out the stops, adding sensory alert music, sensory arousing incense, and THINK not only for 68 second, but patterns, of 68 seconds over and over again - - just to see his face when that vibration hits him and drags his butt over my way - - it has to happen - - he's a law abiding man. He can't be THAT resistant - - I LOVE this universe! I REALLY LOVE IT. Poor Gary. Resistance is ... you guessed it, futile. LOL Oh, and yes, along the way I'll think of the book I'm writing, the movie I'm producing, and all the things I'm suppose to be busying my mind with when I'm not plotting to quantum physically with my fantasy....but I do love the mind - - I do love the mind.