Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Walking That Fat Away!

You and I both know that the only way to get the fat you can do something about off your body is to eat correctly, drink the water you're suppose to drink, and exercise. No, no, don't throw things at me - - just do it. You aren't by yourself you know. When you're out on that treadmill, or on the pavements, I'm right there with you. I've been walking for more than two years working on the same twenty-five pounds and of course it's frustrating - - but it is the very very last place I'll have to work on.

I'll be honest with you, I'm a curvy girl. At 5'7" I won't ever be a size 2 or even a 6. I like my hips, and when they're in shape again, I'll love my breasts, but for now I tend to hide both ends of my body in oversized work-out gear. I say it's to be more comfortable, but really - - it's me being a bit self conscious.

Fat doesn't come off in just one spot; you know that. It comes off slowly, and it comes off proportionately all over the body. The bigger areas such as our bellies, thighs, and butt just have more to lose because they store more in the first place. We didn't get fat overnight and it won't come off quickly either. I lived with being at least 50 pounds overweight for more than 10 years after I had a bad fall and couldn't properly exercise. Then it just became a good excuse! It won't come off fast, but it won't come off at all if we don't keep up the good work, so let's do this. You and Me!

I'm serious when I say I've been working on the same twenty-five pounds that I've been working on for over two years. I don't stop really, I don't quit, but something inside my particular body simply doesn't want to release the fat that's stored around my belly and lower extremities. My doctor says it's called "Abnormally Stored Fat" I call it ugly, but OK, I'll go with the medical lingo. The only way to rid oneself of it permanently is through surgery - - something I discourage, but will have to submit to someday. BUT FIRST - - before doing that, I really really really want to get rid of as much as I can, tighten and tone up what I can so my recovery time is faster, easier and hopefully with less pain. I'm a wuss when it comes to pain, believe me.

I live in an area where there are quaint little townships, shops, and really cool things to look at on the daily bike rides, walks, and strolls that I force my daughter Laura to go on. I must have passed the fitness center a dozen times and never realized it was an indoor fitness gym with A/C and real sweat towels. They have state-of-the-art equipment, weight machines, free-weights, a pool, sauna, everything - - this is good. Laura says she's relieved, she didn't know how she was going to break it to me that she didn't want to be forced to walk any longer. I wanted to get her a bike so she and I could both look like tourists, but she did find the courage to nix that one. My bike is so cool, it's an old-fashioned no-speed with that big fat soft seat and a real honky-horn. I just don't understand Laura's objection! LOL

So, back to the rubber pavement for me. Back to the gym, back to the A/C, back to the iPod cord swinging, possibly throwing of the two-pound weights that I tend to let go of when I'm into a song -- oops, my bad! I've actually hit someone! I need those hand-to-weight things with the straps huh? Good investment! Note to self, don't make enemies in the town you live in.....oh, and I can totally understand the need for a tiny little 1GB iPod clip on! I must have pulled my cords out of my Mp3 a dozen times today - - not tomorrow! Nope, I'm in the groove now people...45 minutes every day on the treadmill, and every other day on the mean, nasty, weight machines that force me to realize I have nothing on my kids when it comes to strength. Yes, it's true, I can lift my fork! What was I telling you about eating correctly?

My son, while he was here on rest/relaxation from Iraq, left me with stricter than strict Army regulated lists of do's and dont's for food intake - - believe it or not, I'm potato-free these days. I was going to go 100% gluten-free, but it turns out it's not good for you unless you're suppose to go 100% free. It's 12 grain whole grain, oat and bran when you can, and the ever-present package of almonds or peanuts over candy bars - - c'mon, I knew that! He must think I'm weak or something - - or something! OK, I have til Christmas to prove to this man that his mom has what it takes to be a size 8 again! That's right - - you heard me - - get over it Boy, your MOMMA is steppin' out! (Well, not that I'm actually going to step out, but I could if I wanted to! YES SIR, I could if I had a mind to!) LOL He knows me better than that, unless a man's name is Gar...Gar...well, I'll hold my tongue on that one.

The countdown has begun! Walk two, three, four, Walk, two, three, four, Walk...

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