Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Tend To Drink 3 Things at a Time - I Don't Know Why

(I'm not kidding. I go to a restaurant and order coffee, tea, and water all the time)

Maybe it's because I'm Celtic that I drink so much tea, maybe, I don't know. I wake up and pour the coffee down me and yes, I have one of those coffee makers with a timer. If I didn't have a coffee machine with a timer I'd get up at 10:00 instead of 8:00 and the coffee wouldn't be made. I don't drink water in the morning though - but I do drink juice all day. I drink regular orange juice and every other juice comes from the actual physical vegetable that's sitting on my cabinet staring up at me wondering when it gets put into the juicer. I drink beet juice and tomato juice and coffee for lunch. I drink water, tea, and coffee in the afternoon - - looking at my night stand I tend to collect 3 things in multiples of 3. I'm reading three books right now, drinking 3 drinks, and I have pictures of my 3 kids framed and situated so that CAITY is always closest to me. If she's not she'll tear something up in my house and I won't realize it until I find that all of the pictures of my other children have been replaced in the hallway with pictures of demons and/or often pictures of Caity at various stages of her life.

This three thing - - it bothers me. If I had four children would I be adding some other drink to my nightstand or just to the right of my plate at the table? Which one represents which kid? Coffee has to be Reuben, he was first. I guess that leaves tea for Laura and since I can't drink water until later in the day it would be Caity, but something about purified water and Caity don't really go together...tequila maybe. Caity's a bit ... fiery! Water can be boiled or frozen, OK we'll go with water representing the last one...I love her as much as I love life and water sustains my life...we'll go with that.

I think I drink 4 cups of coffee a day, 4 cups of tea and more like 12 cups of water so is it safe to say that it takes me 3 times as much discipline and work with Caity as it does the other two? It is fair to say that. There you go. I'm putting in a filter I can't keep the bottled water thing going, not now, not in the days of eco-love. Besides, Caity needs to be on tap! She's a free spirit, where tea needs to be dressed pretty and coffee can be so very important to jump start and end my day...Laura, if you knew her, is pretty and needs to be pretty, must be pretty, has to be coordinating and Reuben well - - he's cheap to raise and strong to boot. Wow, never realized it before, but I do need all three beverages at the same time.

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