Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brothers At War - Go See It!

This very very important indie film was written and directed by Jake Rademacher, the man you see standing to the left in both of these pictures. Jake is the brother to the others you see - his younger brothers Major Isaac Rademacher and SSGT Joseph Rademacher, both still serving U.S. Army. (Yea! Go Army! Oh, OK, that was a little personal wasn't it? I mean, my own Baby Boy Spc. Reuben Stringfellow serves U.S. Army and my dog Faith of course, is an honorary E5 Sgt.)

"Brothers at War" was the concept of the immensely creative mind of a brother who simply wanted to know what was going on in the daily lives of two of his 4 brothers who were serving in the Iraqi war. With the permission of the Pentagon, and others I'm sure, Jake Rademacher took his portable movie camera and another camera man with him to Iraq to film the daily events of not only Isaac and Joe, but his "new" brothers and a few sisters - - men and women serving full time and making an impact on the lives of those of us at home; the families of these soldiers.

It took a while not only to get the rights to go, but to get the money to sponsor the event itself. With dogged determination, (Jake is an Aries) he managed to talk the people of his hometown of Decatur, IL (thank you Decatur) to help fund his dream, and what became our inside look to the waking and sleeping hours of not only Jake's brothers but in my case the hours and days and nights of my son. No, Jake didn't record a single SECOND of my son Reuben, however I saw him. I felt him. I could almost hear Reuben's voice in the loud and rowdy voices of the men who were angry, excited, bonded, united, and sometimes just plain pissed off about what was happening to them and to their buddies. In one scene (and no, I won't give it away, but the aged question of "how does one pee when riding in a tank?" is answered), I saw the rocking and the rolling, the pitching back and forth of a Stryker vehicle, and just for one flash of a moment - - held my son's image vividly.

When this film comes to a city near you, please go see it. Watch for it. Go to the website and look and see when it will be in your town. The best site would be in order to see what it is all about. To see the trailer and see actual footage of the movie you can visit

Yes, this is the same film that actor Gary Sinise has become involved in. He is an executive producer along with Dave Scantling and Norman Powell. Together they bring you one of the most powerful and emotional films about real life in times of war without being political and without being biased about our position in the Gulf. You can call it a love story - - you can call it an adventure, but for this family and many others including my own, it is a needed understanding. Faith and I will be promoting it as much as we can through various avenues in the future - - Thank you Jake for your ambition and desires to share with us "Brothers at War".

Major and SSGt Rademacher, thank you for your service to our country. Godspeed.

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