Monday, March 16, 2009

I Won the Award!

Yes, I won the award given out to the person who drives the furtherest to come to church. I know, I know, you probably complain about having to drive clear across town just to go to the same worship center you've gone to for you may have stopped. Well, suck it up people, I drove 151 miles yesterday to go to the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, and there is a reason; it's worth it.

I have been attending that church since 1997 when I was going through not only the divorce but a terrible custody battle. The people in my congregation loved me through it, they financially supported me at times, they emotionally supported me all the time and Trudy Hoffsommer promised me that it would all work out. I had a promise from God, she reminded me, and she was right! I got the kids and then I got what was coming to me...teenage girls! The church was there to love me and help me through that too. Now it's Debbie Zeller's time to pull the rest of her hair out with little Sarah! HA...mine and Harrington's kids are all grown up now! (Oh, and then there's Karen Beats with her Katey, but she's a cop she can shoot the kid!)

So, Dr. Ferris (hahahahaha...I love calling him that) taught on "Walking in the Spirit" and how we know, or how we can know that we're actually doing that. According to Robin Jones and Elaine Van de Kamp's word "The Message", I am already walking in the Spirit because I'm very clearly acting freely and I'm animated. There you go! Oh, and Brent (Dr. Ferris) had a list he had constructed of behaviors we have when we're in the Spirit and on the other side of these behaviors was listed the opposite behaviors which would and do equate to sin....oh, I hit on a few of those as well. Brent claimed to have 18 sins that he needed to work on, and so Robin Jones and I decided everyone should put their name at the top of their page, circle their particular sins and then post them on the wall so we can go look and make notes. I thought it would be a great idea to have the really really juicy sins circled in red so Denzel and I could just look at a glance and giggle. Denzel and I would probably be over there bragging "Been there! Done that!" I'd love to sit in a closed room with him and just go over each other's papers if we really wanted to "confess our sins to each other" as is talked about in the Word. (and bring a recording device!)

Christians can be so uptight, have you noticed? They're so crammed into their little boxes they can't see the Light of the real joy out there shinning into the box begging them to step out and have a little fun - - not just now and then, hell have fun all the time, and yes, you can say hell and be a Christian! LOL

I dance, I sing, I play, I write,I wander around aimlessly with zen music playing in my head at higher volumes. I chant out OMMMMMMMMM all the time in my meditations, but without fail and I mean WITHOUT FAIL pray only to Jesus - - we just have a different type of relationship that's all. No one has the same relationship with Him as I do, and I'm not interested in taking over your relationship with Him, but Oh, I hope you do have one.

So, there I am sitting in the class and Brent asked us (the class) what it felt like to walk in the Spirit. I raised my hand and said "I feels really good, you should try it!" He laughed...he's one of the funniest teachers I've ever met. The fact that our class is full of people who refuse to date and marry (Singles class) means we are either all extremely ugly, pathetic, worthless morons or we have something better on our minds - - us! I bet I could name off 30 people who are in my singles class who are simply not interested in dating. We've just got too much to do, we've been together too long, don't want to be kicked out of the group for getting married you know - - you can't stay if you're married unless you're like the teachers we have. (Why is that? Why are our two teachers married? Not to each other, but they're both married.....makes you wonder!)

I guess I could find a church home here in Gainesville, Texas but I'm not really a Baptist and wouldn't go to the Baptist church. I haven't joined the Metropolitan Baptist Church, but it is where I go and it is where I tithe. I don't want to join any church here or attend regularly because I'd miss out on the crazy things we do at my church - - what's a few hours drive and a lot of gas among friends? I say keep my sofa warm Robin, I don't want to catch anyone plopping their butt down on my l/2 of OUR sofa...really! I may not make it every week, but I didn't make it every week when I could walk to the church either now did I? I love these people, they raised my kids, prayed me through fire and they showed up to court with me. They washed my dog, babysat, ran errands for me, came to see me in the hospital, took me to the hospital, they've just been there. They are the epitome of what Christ said to do for each other, and I'm not going to give them up! Ha! Unless I marry Sinise you are stuck with me...and if I do...hell, I'll teach!

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