Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dreaming - Strawberries and Ice Skating - GREAT Stuff

You know, according to the sites I've found online including, I'm having the best year possible. I'm dreaming about the achievements I'm making in the movie world, I'm dreaming about the future achievements in networking, marketing, socializing and being well - - worth my dwindling weight in gold! I'm also (apparently) dreaming about sexual connections, sensual based thoughts, and gearing up for what my friend the Astrologer calls my next "New Adventure". She says I'm going be find ME this year and that I'm going to blow myself away - - I hope so!

I've been avoiding the opposite sex for so very long intentionally. What you do intentionally is something you create inside not only your mind, but it manifests itself in the real world as well. I didn't want to date so I didn't date. I didn't want to think about dating, so I wouldn't let men, thoughts of men, or even the remote pleasure of appreciating men come anywhere near the various lobes and corners of my brain. NO MEN ALLOWED was the theme for just about 10 years. In fact, March 30 will mark the 10th year since I've had a date, been kissed, had my hand held by a lover, or even been near a man romantically...except of course in my strawberry and cream filled dreams while I'm ice-skating in Central Park!

Ice Skating is a great thing to dream about so long as you're balanced, on your feet, and keeping up with the others. I was skating long and fast circles around everyone! This is awesome. It shows I'm balanced, achieving everything I had my mind set on, and that I'm aggressively and actively seeking whatever it is that I'm seeking - - that's where the slightly sexual, slightly sensual, over the top frisky strawberries come in. It's a man! Oh, but not just any man...the strawberry man obviously. Strawberries represent the heart because of their shape. They are the one fruit with the seeds on the outside, and therefore they expose their life. They are considered to be a healing fruit with properties that will sustain the blood's nourishment and bring about a vitality or energy; one that will be carried over into the bedroom. (Except my bedroom is rather messing right now without shelves and sufficient storage space, I have a bunch of dogs running all over it, and I need a new comforter!)

I'm so excited that my body, my mind, my spirit, and my dreams are finally meshing together and getting me ready for the "New Adventure". Supposedly these next 72 days will be filled with offers of business, but the business people I socialize with will produce a man that my heart finds to be luscious, juicy, renewing, and irresistible...and maybe seedy, but I'll pick those off of him and slice him into pieces if he presents too much of a problem. I can also dose him with mounts of whipped cream and take him on a wicked skating lap to spin his head around. I'm not above being a bit aggressive seriously, I'm not. I've decided to love me now, to be me, to enjoy me, and to offer me when that time is right - - there is ONE tiny catch though - - I won't be taking any applications. I am a Scorpio, I decide who I will take. I decide who I will love. I decide who I will keep.

Bring on the anniversary - 10 years is long enough!

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