Friday, February 27, 2009

"Think Lt. Dan Meets Lassie"


That is what I was told this morning from a radio talk show host in NYC when I was called at 5:05 a.m. to do a recorded interview. I wasn't expecting the call so I wasn't exactly awake. Normally when I wake up at that hour it's my son calling from Iraq to tell me he's just won the bid on some "sweet" deal on Ebay! He can't wait to tell someone and he doesn't really care what time it is - - he just calls. I don't mind. This time it was a radio announcer, and to be 100% honest with you - I don't' have clue one as to which one it was. I'm sure he said it, I'm more than positive it was aired because I had to laugh at him when he said what he said. It went something like this:

"Good morning Jude, hey, I'm sorry to wake you up just to ask you this, but hey is it true that Faith is going to be a movie star?" My answer was yes, that indeed she was being cast as herself in the upcoming full feature film "FAITH" (working title) created and produced by Timber Creek Productions. The next line blew me away and I think I almost woke up. "I heard the movie is like Lt. Dan meets Lassie" ... pause on my end.....pregnant silence.

My answer was "I don't think we can ever compare the two dogs or the two men really. Lassie is a trained dog with several generations of excellent film work. Faith is a dog that happens to be a miracle in the making, and she's definitely one of a kind." I intentionally didn't go down the road of comparing our Lt. Monte Miller with Forrest Gump's Lt. Dan character. When people compare Lt. Dan to anyone they're somewhat assuming that Lt. Dan is real - - he's not real. Lassie is real. I've been privileged enough to have met the most recent Lassie, Faith has met it too - not sure if Lassie was a boy or a girl actually - - they change you know.

Radio Guy: "Yeah, but I heard it's like Lt. Dan meets Lassie, and the day is saved." OK...we'll go there now. I guess it's fair to say that Lt. Monte Miller is like Lt. Dan Taylor in many ways - - he's in the military, he's a Lt., he was in charge of a few good men, he was injured in war, he was even mad and pissed off about being alive and wished he could crawl into his bottle and just die...but he never fished for shrimp, never smoked a cigar, never had a wild and wicked New Year's Eve party, and he certainly never cussed at God. HOWEVER, they both were fitted with "magic legs" and Monte's legs are going to be made by Scott Sabolich in Oklahoma City, the maker and premiere prosthetics leader in the world! He could enter the 2012 Olympics! (Which is funny because he couldn't run before he got shot!)

Oh, I guess we could have a bit of fun comparing Lassie to Faith - - and we could have bit of fun comparing the two Lieutenants. Let's compare the men who play them -Denton Blane Everett (Monte Miller) and Gary Alan Sinise (Dan Taylor).

Denton Blane Everett has been in a few indy films where Gary has been in oh, a lot more. DBE is tall, dark, exquisitely handsome where Sinise is...well, OK, to me he's stunning. I couldn't go so far as to say anyone else would think so. Denton sings with the voice of an angel,has eyes that kill, and a breathy laugh to melt every girl's heart immediately...Gary is...well OK, to me he's stunning - - and wins my heart every time. Oh, and he has green eyes.

Gary Alan Sinise is a hero in terms of standing up for his beliefs in a community or an industry that doesn't always allow such controversial points of view. Denton hasn't had the chance to do much soapboxing, as he's only 32 and hasn't been asked by any media types what his views are - - but I know the kid, and he'll do the same as Sinise - - no matter what he feels he'll stick to it. Sinise has been a bass player and a musician for years - - has Denton! There's one they have in common! Gary has a heart of pure diamond: strong, rich, clear, and comes with many many angles - - Denton has his work cut out for him, but at least if he's going to be compared to Gary he'll have a magnificent template to go by.

"FAITH" is such a great film. It will not only showcase what true courage and empowerment from one's own soul can do for himself/ will relay the importance of animal-to-human relationships that have been neglected in our media thus far. We can't live without these guys and they do certainly need us. For the betterment of man, for the betterment of dog, this film will reflect the true to life events that take place with my dog Faith. She really has caused men and women to stop in their tracks and rethink their next move. She really does deserve the title of "Star", but maybe not with the word "Movie" attached. She's from Heaven.

Wow..I wish these radio guys would warn me in the future about what they're going to ask me on live radio. I wouldn't have laughed so loudly, and maybe I would have been a better mega phone for the boys. LOVE, genuine love to you both.

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