Monday, February 2, 2009

Alas - - No Tanker

Well, as it turns out there will be less two-legged dogs in my life. I am not adopting the little fur ball formerly known as Tanker Hope Orlando Stringfellow. I believe, and am being told, that he will simply be called Hope. He will be adopted by someone locally in his Orlando area I am told. I hope that he and his trainers will fall in love and everything will work out 100% according to God's ultimate plan.

There are one or two issues to be resolved, and it's only notable because I have in the past been an idiot and have sent e-mails out to either everyone when I was suppose to only send them out to one person, or in this case I was rude and I didn't have any reason to be. I say I didn't have a reason to be, I think at the time I thought I had a very good reason to be. I was under the impression that I was being talked poorly about, and even accused of something I not only wasn't doing, but something I would not do.

Let me preface the entire explanation with this: I am a red-headed Celtic woman, I am also a passionate Scorpio. Some times, not all times, but some times I get bent and I do and/or say things when I should just shut my big fat mouth. I've already apologized for my ignorance, so you don't need to e-mail me and comment about my damning words - - I've been forgiven. Thank you Judy Sarullo, you are a saint.

OK, about a week or so ago all was well in the land of Jude-will-be-adopting-Tanker, but something went crazy on the way to the arrangement to have him picked up. I called to get the spelling of Judy's last name, and was informed that she and everyone at the Pet Rescue by Judy in Sanford, Florida were asked by a publicist (who will remain nameless on my end) not to speak to me. There was no explanation, she (Judy) just said she couldn't talk to me about the adoption, and that no one was picking the puppy up on Feb. 2. This was alarming to say the least. I had just moved to Texas from Oklahoma (God's country) to accommodate the traveling plans of the little dog. I had given up work, I had spent lots of money in the move, and I was really under the impression that we had a deal. Apparently the publicist was successful in turning the tables somewhat (at least that's my theory) and no one would answer me. I couldn't get the publicist to call or write either. Days went by and no news led me to believe there was certainly something going on.

There was ONE volunteer that called me and anonymously told me what was happening, but I wasn't allowed to use her name in connection with any of the news. I was being put off (in her words) because the publicist felt it best to give more credit and air time to the center, and it was reported to me that the publicist said I was trying to take the corner on raising two-legged dogs for....get this...profit. Oh, my tax lady would have had a good laugh on that one.

Well, I got ugly and because the last couple of e-mails I sent to the center were also sent to my attorney Debra Opri, the center wanted to know why I would send the e-mails to an attorney. I noted that they had as well - - something the publicist hadn't mentioned to them I suppose, but you know, the publicist used a phrase about her own clients that upset me and I almost wrote the center and told them. She said, and I quote "These people clean out cages all day, I had to help them." She had also admitted to being a volunteer, was she putting herself into that lower-than-herself category? I didn't ask. I was just shocked that they were listening to someone who would say such things.

When the channel 6 reporter from WKMG (Erik Von Ancken) called me and asked me repeatedly if I planned on suing Judy and/or the center for not allowing me to adopt Tanker I repeatedly told him NO. I wouldn't be a part of that sort of trashy controversy, and he needed to get off the subject. He related to me that the center's publicist and people at the center had asked him to call me, he was calling on their behalf - - which a reporter worth anything knows you can't do. You MUST remain neutral. Nevertheless I was being accused of using poor Tanker for promotional purposes on my new film "FAITH", which is as the title suggests, about my dog Faith, not about Tanker. Tanker was going to be with me 24/7 during the filming prep and I would be working with him to sit up and get off his chest. By virtue of his presence on location and on the sets he would be in the film. It was suppose to be an honor - - one they took as exploitation I believe, and that is the second the very second I pulled out.

I will not ever exploit an animal or a person for my personal gain, and that was the last straw. They can say I'm a bitch, they can say I'm mean, nasty, rude, and/or uncooperative - - I get those words used quite often concerning my character, but you can not ever say I would use an animal for promotion or profit. The reporter asked a stupid question: "Will there be media covering the making of the film?" Can you tell me one that isn't covered by the media? He was trying to bait me. I hope I answered him correctly without being too crash....well, I sort of hope that. (LOL)

Anyway - I wrote to Judy Sarullo, who I believe and know to be a wonderful person with only good intention - - and agreed to let her rescind her invitation to allow me to adopt the puppy. Her publicist had convinced her to say that there were time issues and procedure issues, but that's not true - - sorry, it wasn't discussed, in fact, the center and everyone at it was happy we were taking Tanker and training him. They were thrilled about the film - it wasn't until after this publicist decided, in my opinion, to make a media circus out it that we had any problems whatsoever. Think about it, I was willing to take a dog that simply must have special needs cared for, and they came to me because they trusted me. The only thing to change was the fact that the publicist saw a way to get more attention to the center through the dog. I will not say she was trying to exploit Tanker, she simply in my opinion wanted to use his new situation to better fund or better promote the center for future donations....and by the way, the center deserves every single penny you can give it! GIVE! GIVE!

So there you have it. The two sides are all friendly again, and we're meeting on air with the Inside Edition this week to talk about it. We've been written up and discussed on every coast and some of the things being reported are even true...this should set the record straight. I won't be a part of the on-going controversy, and I don't believe Judy wants to be either. I bet the publicist finally got that through her head - - but I know I wasn't the one to call the news or the Inside Edition, so maybe she's just making good on what she wanted to do in the first place. Either way, I won't say anything nasty about Judy or the Pet Rescue by Judy, as she is fantastic and did the right thing for Tanker...who is now Hope.

Good luck my new friends. See ya in the papers!

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