Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tanker Hope Orlando Stringfellow - Born December 2008

God is soooooooo funny. He's the greatest, and He's the best, and He's the most Almighty and He just makes me laugh. Sometimes God calls His believers to do certain things for Him and to carry out His mission in certain ways - - I think of Martin Luther and his personal stand on faith. I think of Moses and how God chose him to lead Israel when Moses himself thought he wasn't educated enough, he wasn't well spoken, or polished...I know how he felt. Sometimes I open my mouth and I shouldn't. Often times I feel with my words and I should not..should not...should not! I think of the men and women God has sent to Africa, China, Central and South America to colonize, testify, and to lead non-believers to His cause. I am not one of these people. God, in His infinite wisdom and grace has given me the patience and strange quirkiness of mind and soul to adopt, train, and love - - two legged dogs.

Now, say to yourself that I must have a couple of loose screws, I have to right? My dad just stopped shaking his head the other day over what I have managed to do with Faith; and now he has to start it all over again. Oh, but this time I have a plan! A plan that's been worked out with the military, the people in Hollywood, and so many others who had to be trained right along with my first two-legged dog Faith. I have been telling people for years that I really think I do a few things well, and raising two-legged dogs is one of those things. I also (in case you care to know) make beautiful children, bake well, and I write rather nicely too. God did actually bless me with the love I have for the written word.

TANKER was named Tanker because my son is one in Iraq. I wanted THIS two-legged dog, my second, to be strong, forceful, and a presence to be reckoned with. I wanted this dog to be dominant, powerful, and have all the benefits for knowing not only that things were going to be OK, they were going to be fantastic. Tanker's life didn't begin well - - I wanted him to realize that he will have a forever home that will teach him more than just how to stand and walk on his own, but to be a military therapy dog, to be a children's hospital bedside companion...he will be trained, used, loved, and appreciated every day of his life.

About a week ago I got an e-mail from a woman who asked me if I could help her train a little deformed puppy who was dropped off in a box with several others in the Orlando, FL. area. I answered that I would help her. I wanted to know a little about his breed, as I believe that smaller dogs make better candidates for walking upright if walking upright was her plan for the new little puppy. I would prefer to see the puppy wheeling on a cart made for the front legs if we can get one that works and if he can push it without becoming frustrated from the mechanics of having to learn to do so. It just seems best right? Well, after a day or so of thinking about it I asked the woman if I could actually adopt the puppy. We needed a little two-legged pup for our upcoming movie about Faith, but I also get excited about helping another special needs dog, especially one that I can actually do something for because I have experience in this particular area...thanks to YOU KNOW WHO - - Jesus! (But we're not naming names) LOL

I was told I could adopt him! I was told he was a boy! I decided to name him Tanker after the job my son holds in Iraq. Then I was told Tanker was a girl - - and she became Tanker Hope....but then today it was confirmed that the puppy is indeed a boy dog. He is a he, and he is still named Tanker Hope, but I decided to add a little manly name as well - - and since God made very few men better looking than Orlando Bloom, and this guy was born in the Orlando area - - he is Tanker Hope Orlando Stringfellow. I simply can not wait to get my kisses on him. I'm told he's already strong, pulling and scooting. He's up and about with his siblings giving them heck, and he's already made friends with a cat or two - - they like to give him baths. Good. I don't have any cats, but cats are always good allies to have. Better to have a cat as a friend than an enemy, yes?

So, welcome to the Stringfellow family Mr. Tanker Hope Orlando Stringfellow. Just as soon as he is in my hands I will tell the world which rescue center he came from,and where they can donate for the support and love of others. I'm not about to tell you now and have someone abscond with my baby! NO WAY! LOL...can't wait to see you little guy. My first present to him is a little blanket I got from the U.S. Army. He's going to be a good military mutt...a really good soldier from day one!

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