Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Okie Mommies Out Done by Mississippi Queens

Yes, yes, it is true, the crown has been passed off to the State of Mississippi! Oklahoma is no longer the teen-pregnancy capital and with great pride I have to say that I believe I had something to do with it.

I strongly and firmly believe that once a few of these Okies began reading my blogs in school during their lunch hour either on their new Blackberries or online in the libraries, they read more and more about Reuben, about Laura, and about Caity that made them think twice about using a condom. I won't and couldn't say that it would detour even one teen from having sex, but at least they didn't want to end up like me, and they took precaution! THANK YOU Oklahoma girls, thank you Oklahoma boys.

In my family we have a saying: "Reubens happen!" and even though the girls weren't the least bit more expected or planned, they were at least being born into a home with a mom and a dad and we were somewhat ready to take care of them because of my experiences first-hand with Reuben. My God, I made so many mistakes when I was first raising him. I am so very very thankful that I was in my 20's and not a baby myself and you can bet your life that Reuben is certainly pleased to be standing today and not all twisted up in some looney bin ward because I would have put him there if I had given birth to him at an age any younger than what I was. He saved me in so many ways ...from myself.

Teens are teens and even though I didn't have sex when I was one I know my own have (except Laura who will go down in history as the only virgin in Oklahoma past 19, but we love her) and I except them to. I actually wish they'd wait, but I expect them to be pressured into it, want to be into it, and just being into please please please Oklahoma teens...keep it ON the down low. Did you get that? Were you able to pick up on that last little pun? Keep it (condom) ON the down get it. Good, I really didn't want to have to pull out a banana and a rubber chicken and go through the little play that makes no sense but makes you glad I'm not YOUR mom. I will say kids aren't making babies! I must have made some sort of impact...or they know what may come out....since they came out of me and look what happened!

If I had to guess I'd say that the State of Mississippi probably wasn't too far behind the State of Oklahoma all these years. Believe it or not the facts are straight: the higher the teen pregnancy rate is in a state the lower the educational funding is, the less emphasis is put on completing high school and going onto college. It's just a fact. Look at babies being born there out of wedlock or before the mothers turn 25 right? (Don't ask me for statistics) And almost everyone goes to an Ivy League college.....makes you think! Makes you .... think!

Well, congrats to Oklahoma once again for shining through this time by doing NOTHING at all - - we love you. Keep UP the good work...that was bad. Boomer Sooner.

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