Sunday, December 14, 2008

Please Excuse My Daughter - Julie Klam

Please Excuse My Daughter - written by Julie Klam. (Putnam/Penguin 2007)

You can pick this up at any bookstore or through Amazon, but you have to pick it up. I can't wait to get my copy, it is going to be one of the best books I buy this year. I know that 2008 is almost over, but I always buy myself 10 books for Christmas, and this one is ONE of them. I will not be able to put it down - - I've been talking with the author, who seems so fun. She's articulate, amazingly funny, and has the best comedic timing next to me...hahahaha...I said that out loud didn't I?

I found Julie on Facebook. She had commented on another author's notes about how many lines from a song you can use before it needs to be credited, or even paid for. I would have had to look that up and I taught English. I have an entire lesson plan on plagiarism, but I would have needed to review that. Then after I read it was 2 lines I began thinking "Wow, have I screwed up?" I hope not. I wrote to Julie immediately and told her I thought she seemed took her 43 seconds to add me on Facebook. She must be like me. I keep one Window open to Facebook all day, another on LinkedIn, another on Gmail, and still another on Yahoomail. I'm shifting back and forth all day chatting with friends and then I have to get serious on another site and make money. This going back and forth is probably the reason I wear casual clothes and mismatched socks. I want to be prepared for everything.

I told Julie I was going to have to find another title for my new book now. She took the best title! I could SOOOO write a book about Caity called "Please Excuse My Daughter" but the title is gone now, thanks to this wonderful woman. My book would have to include stories about how my daughter has nearly successfully driven me crazy with her tales, (we won't say lies) and her antics. Her book is about her really - how she was raised in a wealthy family with a mom that wasn't quite grounded in the realities of most people. She was more or less raised to be pretty she says, and in her words "raised to be have a rich man sweep her off her feet". I can't fully relate from the vantage point of how I was raised, but I can see where being raised to be pretty would be advantageous to a degree and detrimental at the same time. She says in the book that she wasn't prepared to go out into the real world with any real living know, to work. (God, I hate that's mean and ugly) LOL

Go go go go awaits you. You can go to Barnes and Noble too, you can go to Borders. Just get this book!!

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