Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Christmas Blog - 2008

Me and Matrix. Some day it's just going to be ME and Matrix.

Poor Matrix, he had to stay at Caity's place while we went to Grandma's this Christmas. She's in Glenpool, a town about 90 miles away, but I picked him back up before going home and loved and kissed on him, helping him to get over the shock of having to deal with the mess he had to's overwhelming at times. Nevertheless, he had a great Christmas too. Matrix played with not only Rupert and Faith, but I took him to the dog park and he ran around and around and showed off those strong hound-legs of his. For a fat little weenie dog mix, he's a bullet! Not one single squirrel got too far from him. I can't say he's ever caught one, but he's never given up! At 9 he's still got it. He's my main squeeze.

So, if you know me, you know I write, you know I blog, I dream vividly and lucidly about what I really want to do with and to Gary Sinise. You know I have three perfect children, and you know I consume probably more Starbucks brand coffee than I should - more than anyone should really, but did you know there is actually another present, a gift that is actually more alluring to me than a Starbucks gift card? It is true...and my mother, because she gave birth and knows more about me than anyone, Jesus excluded, got me what I really wanted. Dark chocolate covered coffee beans. Yes, they could have been EVEN better if they were Starbucks coffee beans. The picture on this blog is NOT the same brand, but you get the picture - - where I (by myself) get the beans!

We're not a big gift-giving family. We're more of the hugging, loving, sharing stories, sharing food kind of family, but we do give little things and we do try to make those gifts mean something. This was a darn good hit! I didn't even think about putting them on my list, but now I have a really short list, and think I'll be taken care of. 1. Dark chocolate covered coffee beans. 2. Reload my Starbucks card at the number is: 6033 7523 0946 2547 (and yes, I have it memorized in case someone on the street wants to help out)

This Christmas my daughter Caity visited her boyfriend a 100 miles away - my daughter Laura came to lunch and had to be whisked back immediately to her boyfriend and her new world. Reuben was (as he was last year) in the Army, this time in Iraq, but he called and we passed the phone around the house for 30 minutes while he repeated the story about how he was rewarded by a 4-Star General for honor and valor. He has a new coin to commemorate it, and I'm sure photos will follow - how cool is that? My baby boy is just the girls are just too sweet, and too pretty, so you know....Christmas is December 25th, another day in the life of a woman who is blessed and feels the need to thank God every day..not just once a year. Oh, but hey - - feel free to load up that card whenever you wish, and/or bring me coffee beans....with or without chocolate, but I do actually prefer chocolate.

Now that I think about it....I can vividly and lucidly dream about dipping Gary in a little dark chocolate for a little treat....oh go away, leave me alone,are you still here? You're still reading --- please, this is my time! LOL

Merry Christmas!

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Kat Scrapper said...

Wonderful writing Jude's, You have inspiried me to start my own log. Here's to happy writing!
Kat Scrapper