Wednesday, November 5, 2008

THIS is Sarah Small - Photogrpaher to the Right Side of My Brain

The picture of Sarah on the bed was taken by Phillip Mauro, and her pretty headshot was taken by photographer Charlotte Geary! (Be warned: Naked people lurk on these pages!) LOL

Her work is, it's WOW and I can't really pen or pin it down. WOW is good.

So there I was minding my own business, which is what I do, when I got an e-mail out of the left side of the world, which ended up tickling the right side of my brain. It was from THIS woman...Sarah Small. I had never really been into the world of photography before only because my abilities to point and shoot are limited to well, pointing and shooting. I get all excited when I focus something. These people, these masters of art see differently than the rest of us. Makes you wonder how they even got through school in the first place with all that art and color flowing through their brains - - I now know Caity's problem. I just can't afford the fix! Have you seen the price of these toys? AGAIN..WOW.

So Sarah wrote to me and told me that her work was being shown in my city. It was going to be on display in this really awesome bouquet area of Oklahoma City called the Paseo. It's just the coolest and you gotta go through it if you come by - on your way to the Memorial, the Zoo, whatever it is that brought you to Oklahoma, you have to walk the Paseo - - visit the shops and tell lies to all the clerks, they love that. Sarah wanted to know if I wanted to see her work in person - she loves my dog you see. I get a lot of stray and off the wall e-mails from those who love my little Faith. SURE I said. I would love to go, and go I did. I even took Faith so that she would be able to show Sarah that SHE loved Sarah too! We had one of those great nights with artsy-fartsy people; we drank champagne, danced in the halls of several large houses and buildings full of new and ageless art - - photography being only ONE format. I was blown away at the collections we were able to assemble.

After taking pictures of myself and Faith with some of Sarah's work I wrote to her and struck up this really nice relationship. I can't wait to meet her in person and see her work up close and personal. I was just about to pick up the phone to call her when I jumped online at first, to see the rest of her work and BAM! It hit me! This woman is bizarre! She's really strange. She's daring yes, but did I just see what I think I just saw?

I put the phone down, put my jaw back in place and looked again. Yes, there on Sarah's site under the portfolio tab was a portrait of an old woman on the phone talking to her best friend probably, totally oblivious to the sculptured posed naked model in the room - looming like a beautiful white (skinny) elephant - it's RIGHT THERE but the woman doesn't notice..HOW CAN SHE NOT NOTICE? I picked the phone back up and called Sarah! Damn. She's good. Really good.

Now, you have to go to her site to fully get it - you can stare at the faces of the models, even the animals and know she's talented, but you have to think about the shots she's taking - ask the boundary questions out loud to yourself "Why did she think this was interesting?", "What is she trying to show me?" and when you have it in your head the NEXT picture will throw your brain back into the pool of icy cold confusion - and you get to start it all over again! I love it.

After seeing all the nakedness I was thinking I needed to think twice about letting her shoot me. I'm a bit shy still about my body parts - - I could see Caity posing on the Brooklyn Bridge without a permit or a stitch of clothing - - maybe with Godzilla or something in the background. I'd hang that up in the den for a good conversation starter - - "Why yes, that is an original Sarah Small portrait, thanks for noticing!" Maybe I could get her to stop in on the CSI lab and kidnap Mac Taylor for a private shoot - - I'd pay for that! Let's see, what could the contrast be? Something...something good...something like...a naked Mac Taylor in the break room with a hot, steaming, sleek, venti cup strategically placed, and maybe his badge and gun on the table in front of him - the clock in the background showing that it's not quite time to get dressed and go to work. (wait, me! LOL)

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