Monday, November 3, 2008

There are NO Fat Vegetarians!

The Gorgeous Gary Sinise - photo by Robert Benson (and a plate or two of great looking vegetables and fruit.) and a REAL nut LOL

It's true, there are no fat vegetarians. I have been trying and trying to figure out a way to get this belly fat off right? I have dieted, I have exercised, I have danced, done every Pilate possible - I even bought the dreaded "fat burner" cayenne pepper and even though I have some success and I have achieved a bit of personal gain... I have also in this case, experienced loss. Cayenne, in case you didn't know it, will work miracles for those of you that can stomach it - it heats up your insides and you drink more water to cool yourself down. Some people actually exercise more with it, claiming they experience cell stimulation and therefore they feel rushed, or they get that feeling - the sensation that they're already working out, so they just get up and move to keep it going. Me? I thought I was going to burn up inside and ended up laying on the ceramic floor with my gut exposed to the cold surface, like an overweight woman laying on the ground with her gut exposed on the bare cold surface of her kitchen. So no, it wasn't the best thing for me....maybe you'll have a better visual!

I love vegetables and I love beans. I could live forever and a day on red beans and rice, olives, low fat Mozzarella cheese and red wine - at least I think I could. I could live forever and a day on steamed broccoli, carrots and frozen peas...that much I know. I had my first real live vegetarian day today. I mean, I've gone many days before without eating meat, but today I went through the pantry, the frig, the cabinets and made sure that all is non-meatable. I live with this itty-bitty, tiny little veggie and she's been coaching me. She's been training me. I'm going to BEEEEEEE the little one. I'm going to become ONE with the white-haired freak! Just kidding. I love my kid - and besides, she's back to being a light-brunette for a week or so - I can't even straight-faced make fun of her now...we're ONE.

Being one with Caity is a good thing for me, I win hands down on the weight issue. If you took our collective weight and divided by two I'd be really happy. Caity would be pissed, but I would be so stoked! If you took our collective heights I'd lose a bit, I mean, I'd be average, but she'd be keen for that - finally - she'd be able to see over the steering wheel - where did she come from? What planet did my last kid roll off of? She lies and tells everyone that Alex Van Halen is her father, but look at her - she's an ELF.

Anyway - living the vegetarian life won't be that hard - - it's a life choice for me, don't expect me to be a meater again - maybe fish. You don't name fish, and fish aren't collected and tortured - - well - - if they are I won't be eating fish either, so don't ruin that for me. I watched ONE P.E.T.A. video with the brat and now I'm so against eating anything "with a face" as she says - do fish have faces? Damnit - now I can't even do fish....shrimp! Shrimp don't have faces! My friends will be so proud of me. Some are hard-core V's; I'm more or less a personal choice person. I won't campaign and I won't hate anyone choosing to eat a big fat burger right in front of my face. I live with dogs - they eat meat. I can't possibly ask them to do what I'm doing. This is a ME thing - plain and simple. I want the body I believe is hiding somewhere inside of me...I can feel it....just below the surface dancing to get out.

So, bring on the cauliflower! Load me up with fruits, nuts, greens, beans, cheese, even bread...and don't forget the wine, there's always been truth in that spirit. If you're wondering why I started this particular blog off with a picture of vegetables, fruits, nuts, because that's all we need.

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