Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Vote To Cancel My Mother's Vote!

HAAAAAA AHHHHAAAA ! I canceled your vote WOMAN!

I don't know why my mother even walks out of her house, gets into her car and drives to the her polling station. She and I both know that the minute she does I'm getting out myself - I'm getting in my car, and I'm driving to my polling station! I don't care HOW LONG it takes for me to do it, I am going to cancel that woman's vote each and every time. It is the American thing to do! (and we laugh about it)

Sometimes she calls me and sometimes I call her. She'll say something like "I'm taking your father with me, and he's voting with me. He'll do anything I want him to." To which I will retort (I have to retort, it's what babies do) "Well Old Woman, I'm calling my son in Iraq! I'm asking him to cancel out Pop's vote. Then I'm calling Laura to see if I can buy her ice cream to get her vote and we'll be one above you!" She would love to come back with something really cool like saying her own children would then be out voting to thwart me and my kids - but she can't. She succeeded in raising a bunch of rebellious children. Mine are split down the middle. Reuben sides with me, Laura has no idea, and Caity always goes the opposite direction. (But Laura can be bought! LOL)

So I'm standing in line at the Lutheran Church and it dawned on me that so many of our voting polls are in places of education and/or religion - aren't we suppose to be keeping all that separated? It doesn't matter to me one way or the other, but I was thinking it was funny that's all. I thought it great also that the church I went to in order to vote had free cupcakes, doughnuts, coffee, and fruit for anyone who voted - you had to vote first to get through to the cafe, and they forced piped in beautiful gospel music while you waited - is this just an Oklahoman thing? I think it was great. That and I met Pollie! She's from a local school, she's a teacher, she does fund raising, her daughter is in the 5th grade, we had a long time to talk while standing in line. If you're from the South you make friends in line - it's what we do. We're meeting for coffee next week! I LOVE THIS place.

Besides all the big things, the presidential election, the state reps and all that, we had a few local issues to vote on as well. Mom doesn't even get a say in it, she lives in another county! YES! Oh, but on the state issues she gets to agree with me if wants to. SHE, my mom, even agreed to allow the wineries to sell wine to people at the actual winery!!! WOW...she's mellowing out. She couldn't be forced to tell you the difference between a Merlot and a Zin, but she's going to allow them to sell it outright now - there you go - way to pump up that economy woman!! We also agreed on the veterans getting a better shake in property taxes - helps that she's married to one. She's like me, we're letting the judges keep their seats because we don't know a single one of them; if we did know them it would mean that we did something worth going before one or the other of them. We haven't been told anything bad about a judge so they get to stay where they are. We're both in agreement to allow the running age for the Mayor of our state's cities to be lowered to 21 rather than the age-old standard of 25, something set in the earlier part of the Twentieth Century. My son wants to run in a couple of years so there you go - I'm already trying to clean up my act so the media doesn't have too much to feed on! (The Mother of Would-Be Mayor Reuben Stringfellow says .....)

There you have it. Obama can't win if McCain played his Maverick rebellious kid cards correctly! It's not the OLD people you have to go for now, it's their middle aged brats!!! Convince them that their parents are too senile to clearly mark the ballots in the first place! (That's what I told her anyway - I offered to help her out. She smacked me!) I love my parents. I love that they told me when I was younger that the reason we vote is to have a say in it - we can't bitch if we don't vote. I remember that, and by God...I bitch constantly! I take that advice seriously!

Lots of hugs to you Mom, and you too Dad...even though you're only following orders! LOL

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