Friday, October 10, 2008

R.I.P. CSI Warrick Brown

Actor Gary Dourdan (Not my photo)

Yes, it's true - they killed him. They shot the man at point blank last May and we had all summer to get over the pain of it all - - with little hope they managed to pull his nearly lifeless body out of the car in time for Gil to hold him one last time and cry over his death. It was senseless - well, not from the point of view of that evil McKeen of course, but it was a senseless killing and for all of us in the living room staring at the televisions we say collectively "Why did you have to off the good-looking one? DAMN!"

I'm not saying that Stokes should have been it, or Greg. No, they could have brought in a guy for a couple of weeks - he could have joined the team, found out too much too soon - and OK..fine...Gary probably had other offers and/or we need a cold slap in the face sometimes. I cried like a baby when NCIS killed Kate. I was pretty sure they picked Ziva because all the hate mail from all the men came in demanding another gorgeous brunette or their ratings would plummet - Abby's cute, but only a select few men would be strong enough or brave enough to attempt fantasizing about her. Fantasies about Warrick - oh please, they'll continue - dead or alive that man will live on in the minds and dreams of millions of women (and probably as many men who would be brave enough or strong enough to stare long and hard at Abby!)

So it is with sweet bitterness that we say farewell to the Gary Dourdan character we loved soooooo very much. The one we rooted for, the one we wanted to help out, the one we hoped would take over Grissom's positon after he retired and ran off to find Sara - we will truly miss you, and not only that - we VERY MUCH expect to see your beautiful face, eyes, and smile on something else - very soon please.

Good bye Emerald Rays!

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